Arranging workshops at Jamtli

Arranging two workshops at Jamtli today, with my project Fakulteten.

Workshop inauguration

Fakultetens workshop-serie in Nacka resulted in a great sculpture. Brilliant inauguration by Zirkus Loko-motiv.

Workshops with Fakulteten

We continue to arrange workshops with the participants in Fakulteten. A lot of art produced in so many places.

Autumn workshops

Arranged open workshops at Knivsta culture house today, as a part of Fakultetens workshops this autumn. Wa work at culture houses, museums and day cares, these last months of the project.

Fakulteten kick off

We had a kick off for our last six months of Fakulteten today. It's time to go to work.

Fakulteten starts its final six months

Today we begun our last six months of the project Fakulteten. An interesting half year begins.

Layout meeting

Met with Fredrik Andersson who will design the catalogue for Fakulteten this winter. It's always great to see him. Thank you Fredrik, in advance.

Summer break for Fakulteten

Fakulteten meet for strawberries and cake as we take a summer break. See you in August.

Fakulteten workshop

Arranging three workshop days for Fakulteten, together with Zirkus Loko-motiv. A lot of children build the traditional herring-and-potatoes for the midsummer. LINK

Fakulteten reportage

Participants of Fakulteten visited Moderna museet today, for our next reportage.
You can read our earlier material HERE

Tufting course in Fakulteten

I organized a course in tufting for my project Fakulteten. I'm really excited and hope to work more with instructor Oscar Wall.

Fakulteten completes another segment

My project Fakulteten just finished a new project, where we have focused on large scales and simple forms. All these trolls are a gift to an orientations club in Jämtland who will arrange "troll-tracks" for small children this summer. LINK

Fakulteten continues a fourth year

Today we received Arvsfondens decision that my project Fakulteten is extended by a fourth year.

Fakulteten workshop

Fakulteten arranged open workshops for children these days. A lot of children created new year celebration -flags during these days :-) LINK

A new editorial text from Fakulteten

Anders Wettler from Fakulteten reflects upon patterns through history, in different cultures, in a new text. MORE

Fakulteten opening at Dieselverkstaden

My project Fakulteten opens at Dieselverkstaden today, to celebrate their 20 years. Such an honor.
Welcome until 16 October. We are working in the space Tuesdays and Wednesdays. More

Fakulteten builds exhibition in Nacka


New projects starting up

A number of meetings today; We start discussing the process fot a public art piece in Botkyrka, at Fittja torg, to be installed 2024. And I had a Strat meeting with Stockholms fritidsutvecklare regarding a follow up to Resonans. And last, but not least, I worked on a reportage together with Anders Wettler for Fakulteten, based on his studies at the Historical museum and the studio of Shabnam Faraee. So this fall starts of with a multitude of new angles. And yet I long for Jämtland, for work and the birds that soon will leave for warmer countries.

A new Fakulteten exhibition

My project Fakulteten opens its new exhibition today, showing off their artist books. We use the studio of Oscar Wall at Folkungagatan 132 until this Friday. Welcome.

Fakulteten: Reference goup meeting

During the Fakulteten reference group meeting today, Kerstin Gezelius gives us a presentation of her amazing work.
She does such amazing work - with so much confidence and trust and curiosity - with people of all ages.
Thank you Kerstin.

Preparing course in tufting


Planning the Fakulteten exhibition in September

Meeting with Nanna Leth at Dieselverkstadens art hall today, to prepare for the Fakulteten September exhibition.
We will create an unique pattern on the floors, combined with painted flags in the ceiling.
Time to start working.

Workshop with Linnea at Studio 44

The project Fakulteten participates at Linneas workshop at Studio 44 today. There is always good to find methods for people to work side by side, without being able to compare as better-or-worse.

Getting a studio for Fakulteten

Setting up a studio for s this summer, to prepare for the fall. Folkungagatan 132 will be used for exhibitions, tufting and workshops.

A Fakulteten studio visit

Visiting the studio of Shabnam Fararee with Anders today, to discuss the evolution of patterns. An article will be published soon on Fakultetens web site.

Fakulteten and research

Having a meeting on the possibilities of adding research to my project Fakulteten.
Would be really interesting.

The editorial office continues

The participants of Fakulteten keep visiting and analyzing the cultural scene in Stockholm. A new segment by Anders coming soon.

Inuti at Kulturhuset

Inuti opens at Kulturhuset, Stockholm! Fakulteten will participate with workshops.

iPad course by Nadja Ekman

Today Nadja Ekman held a repetition course on different photo- and green screen apps for Fakulteten.

The Fakulteten editorial office

My project Fakulteten has begun an editorial office where our participants visit the Stockholm art scene and react to it. You can find Uffes reactions to different compositions HERE

Fakulteten presenting new project

My project Fakulteten shows the project "Super Forces" today. LINK

Second excursion for the editorial

2022_current_fak_redaktion_02Fakulteten started up an editorial work, and today I went with Uffe to Nationalmuseum for our second excursion.

Planning this spring for Fakulteten

A few more months before summer. Today I planned the program for Fakulteten this spring.

New design for Fakulteten

Traveled to Gothenburg to meet with Lilian from Utopia, discussing new solutions for Fakulteten workshops.

First excursion for the Fakulteten editorial

Fakulteten started up an editorial work, having our participants reflecting on the art world, from their own perspective. This was my first excursion with Uffe, to the Fahlström exhibition.

Fakulteten prepares for a new exhibition

During todays meeting with Fakulteten, we prepare a new project which will result in an exhibition in January/February.

Fakulteten workshop finished

Arranged a workshop period for Fakulteten, with artist Torbjörn Berg. MORE

Carpenter workshop

Three workshop days where Lilian teaches the participants in Fakulteten how to do carpentry. MORE

Fakulteten infiltrates Kulturhuset

My project Fakulteten installed the project Objects in the storage boxes at Kulturhuset in Stockholm today. I included my sculpture In the Ravine.

Forest workshopday

The artists of Fakulteten held a workshop day in collaboration with Stockholm stad, where we invited people to create together with us.

Fakulteten - planning this autumn

So nice to meet with the project managers in Fakulteten today. Also great to contact upcoming workshop leaders as Lilian from Utopia and Torbjörn Berg.
We are up and running again!

Workshop public art

In Fakulteten, we decided to work with things that we can show in the public space during the summer. My children chose to name her mothers cabin, and make a sign for it :-)

Fakultetens first meeting this fall

Good to se everybody in project Fakulteten after this summer. Now we start up again!

Fakulteten takes a summer break

The project Fakulteten met today to show all new works and to wish each other a nice summer.

Nya flaggor -exhibition prolonged

Dieselverkstaden offered us to extend our exhibition "Nya flaggor" today.
You can see it until August. Welcome :-)


Opening for the flag-project in Dieselverkstaden today, by the participants och Fakulteten.
My art MORE / The exhibition LINK

A new flag in Enskede

We have worked with flags in Fakulteten, and this weekend we display them where we live. Exhibition at Dieselverkstaden 3/6. My flag "210313" on my balcony in Enskede. MORE

Time in Studio Jämtland

Studio time in Jämtland, marked with a flag designed by my children and made in Fakulteten.

Flagg workshop day

Fakulteten arranged a textile course where the participants made their ow flaggs.

The exhibition "Alla hjältar" ends

The exhibition Alla hjältar, in the project Fakulteten, ends today at Dieselverkstaden.

Inspiration videos, Fakulteten

We proudly present inspiration videos från Fakulteten today. LINK

Vaktaren part of the exhibition Alla hjältar

My workshop piece Vaktaren is part of the exhibition Alla hjältar. MORE

Opening Fakulteten

Fakultetens first exhibition had its opening (by zoom) today at Dieselverkstaden by me and Nadja Ekman.

Building a new exhibition

Building the first physical Fakulteten-exhibition at Dieselverkstaden with Nadja Ekman.

Input in Gothenburg

A few great days in Gothenburg. Getting input from Utopia, Sätt färg på Göteborg and Labamba for my project Fakulteten.

Fakulteten next assignment

The artists in Fakulteten got started on our next assignment – making a personal flag!
Look to a number of windows in Stockholm this spring.

Reference group meeting in Fakulteten

Such a great group of people that participated in todays first Fakulteten reference group meeting. Helén KN, Kerstin G and Mathias s - thank you so much.

Professor Apa goodie bags

Professor Apa delivers art material to the participants in Fakulteten, for work during Christmas.

Opening exhibition with heroes

Fakulteten opens its web exhibition with heroes today. LINK

Rebuilding Fakulteten web page

Rebuilding the Fakulteten web page. Welcome HERE

Skarpnäcks kulturhus

Second meeting with Maria B L at Skarpnäcks kulturhus, regarding her upcoming project, which could be a collaboration with Fakulteten and Professor Apa.

Professor Apa + Skärholmen

Exciting meeting with Maria B L in Skärholmen today, regarding her project that might cooperate with Fakulteten and other initiatives in Professor Apa.

Monster/Hero workshop

Children workshop today, building a protective hero / a Halloween monster, in Jämtland. MORE

Fakulteten: Workshop days at Dieselverkstaden

Fakulteten has time together this week, at Dieselverkstaden in Nacka, to explore and collaborate in the project "Hero".
Nadja Ekman and Alicia Lopez provided extra input, as Anna Ekros filmes "manual interviews" to inspire others who need to work creatively during lock down.

Fakulteten study day in Uppsala

Visiting some studio solutions in Uppsala, as well as taking a class in accounting in Uppsala, as part of Fakulteten.

Workshop day at Dieselverkstaden

Preparing Fakultetens workshop day at Dieselverkstaden today.

Fakulteten visiting Nordiska museet

Artists from Fakulteten visited Nordiska museet today, for their research.

New course: Greenscreen

We started a new course in Fakulteten today, run by Nadja Ekman: Our artists learn about the greenscreen technique.

Mentoring in the Fakulteten project

Discussing different techniques and methods with artist at Medis 5 today, as part of Fakulteten.

A hero collaboration

All the participants in Fakulteten has worked with heroic alter egos during the summer. I worked with my children to gather things at Brogård, to assemble this character. MORE

A new flag

We finally made a new flag for Brogård. A collaborative process and part of project Fakulteten.

Superhero sidekick

Fakulteten has a summer task; The alter ego as a super hero. My kids chose this as my sidekick.

Fakulteten adjusts to summer time

We had our last planned meeting in Fakulteten today. We all prepared for our work this summer – to shape ourselves as super heroes.
Presentation in August.

Studio Jämtland

Preparing work space at Brogård for an upcoming mission in Fakulteten.

New gadgets to Fakulteten

Obtained 10 iPads for the artists in Fakulteten. Dozens of hours downloading and syncing the apps.

The first course in Fakulteten

Eleven artists from Medis 5 and Inuti gathered today in the project Fakulteten.
Artist Nadja Ekman began her course in photography.

Graphic profile for Fakulteten

Fredrik Andersson has created a graphic profile for Fakulteten. Great as always. Thanks.

The control group for Fakulteten

The control group for Fakulteten had its first meeting today. A great Skype-meeting with Hélene Burmeister from Professor Apa, Mats Eriksson from Medis 5 and Anneli Aaltonen from Inuti. We just took a great step forward.

Strange times are upon us

"We need to be more creative than we hade planned for."
(Anneli Alltonen, Inuti)

The corona virus has forced us to postpone the project Resonans, and the new project Fakulteten has to be reorganized.
Lets all do what we can, as good as we can.

Fakulteten 2020 - 2023

Arvsfonden decided today that they will finance three years of our project Fakulteten.
Professor Apa runs the project together with Medis 5, Kulturhuset Dieselverkstaden and Inuti.

Signing work certificates for Fakulteten


Opening: Fakulteten at Dieselverkstaden

Opening at Dieselverkstaden today, presenting the art produced by children during our workshops. MORE

Workshops in Dieselverkstaden

During this autumn brake, we have arranged free workshops for children in Stockholm.
The project is run at Dieselverkstaden by Professor Apa together with Inuti and Medis 5.

Layout and information for Fakulteten

Through our association Professor Apa, I'm arranging open workshops together with Inuti and Medis 5 this autumn.
The information is prepared. Welcome to Dieselverkstaden 28 - 21 October.

Fakulteten preparing in Nacka

The artists from Inuti and Medis 5 prepare their workshops together with Torbjörn Berg.

Inuti and Medis 5 begins Fakulteten

Inuti och Medis 5 initiate their collaboration in Fakulteten at Dieselverkstaden in October.

Fakulteten evolves

Meetings with Medis 5, Inuti and Torbjörn Berg these days, for the small version of Fakulteten, and the larger one, run by Professor Apa.
Welcome great partners 2019 - 2020.

Fakulteten starts

Kulturförvaltningen in Stockholm has approved to finance the first part of Fakulteten, run by Professor Apa.