Studio time Brogård

Had a few days in my studio at Brogård, and also managed to see Erik Tylhammar Johanssons exhibition.

Studio time in Jämtland

Even more days at Brogård, spending it all in my studio.

Two weeks at Brogård

We just spent two weeks at Brogård. Resting, studio time and painting the house.
Thank you children, friends and love.

Working from Jämtland

Working from Jämtland a few days. Zoom meetings, painting house, arranging event in Stockholm, evaluation-meeting, studio time, test in water AND quiet dinners by the water.

Test filming

I made a filming in the Atacama desert, as part of my project Om stjärnorna slocknar. I continue to search for a good location in Jämtland, this time in the deep cellars of Brogård.

Studio Brogård

Studio time with my children at Brogård. We reorganize the studio, test different techniques and I prepare my piece Mothers care for installation.

Studiotime Jämtland

I finally had almost a full week of studio time in Jämtland. Amazing to take care of autumn issues in the day time, and take time to paint every night.

Brogård is registerd

Our new non-profit association Brogård has been registered. Now we can start our work in Jämtland.

Two new projects

Kulturrådet grants funding for two new projects for Professor Apa today; A continuation of the project Resonans and a collaboration with the new organisation Brogård in Jämtland. Two small, but very interesting projects for 2022-2023.

Mothers care

Continuing painting my mothers jam and pickles a few days. It is part of my ongoing work on remembering my mom using the tools I have.