Berättelser i en väska

Berättelser i en väska at Lindeparken

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Opening in Huddinge

Berättelser i en väska opens at Fullersta gård.

Blå huset i Tensta

Sart-up at Blå huset in Tensta today. A longer project could result in a more active art life in Tensta.

Interviews, Berättelser i en väska

Interviews at Lindeparken and Kulturfyren these days. Found out that it got a lot of attention in the last edition of Unik.

One day - two projects

First meeting today in Haninge, regarding Berättelser i en väska, then at Annikas home regarding Kännbart.

Opening at Moderna

Full crowd!! :-)

Almost done at Moderna


Buildning at Moderna


All work and no play -

- makes me a happy guy.
  • Kännbart is evolving already and we talk to interested institutions in Sweden even before we have the artists.
  • Berättelser i en väska is triggering the interest of several institutions in Stockholm.
  • Konstgödning in Jämtland, in which I am a part, has a new web page link>>

Folder has arrived

The folder I made for Berättelser i en väska is here.

Planning exhibition at Moderna

Meeting with Linda Bäckström and Hugo today. Discussing the possibilities for "Berättelser i en väska" at Moderna in December.

Berättelser i en väska

From left to right: Max, Martin, Linda and Anna. I am contracted to conceptualize their (not Max) project "Berättelser i en väska" for a public tour.

Berättelser i en väska

I have been asked to work with the touring part of the project "Berättelser i en väska" as it is soon heading out on the roads. Got some ideas right away. New meeting next week!