Art for Falkbergsskolan

We have started the process for new art in Botkyrka. Inauguration 2021.

Sketch presentation

First: Preparing my suggestion for future art at the church yards in Lit and Häggenås with some soup. Then: Visiting the church yard in Häggenås. Finally: Presenting my sketches for the church board and being approved. Inauguration phase one 2019.

Measures from the churchyard in Lit

Today was not the easiest day to measure the future engravings at the churchyard in Lit.

Prolonged assignement in Botkyrka

I have signed on to continue as art consultant in Botkyrka.

Maria Miesenbergers suggestion for Botkyrka

The art council in Botkyrka accepted Maria Miesenbergers suggestion for Tingstorget.
Congratulations Botkyrka :-)

Work in Jämtland

Meeting the winter in Jämtland this year, during different kinds of work.

Shabnam event in Botkyrka

I helped Shabnam Faraee arrange this weekend event in Storvretsparken. A lot of new paintings and patterns! link

Pedagogical material regarding death

I have made a pedagogical brochure for the work with children in Jämtland, in discussions regarding life, death and that which we leave behind. MORE

Kännbart catalogue and web page

ABF Örebro has finally released the condensed Kännbart web page AND sent out the amazing Kännbart catalogue, made by BankerWessel.

The art for Tingstorget is comming

Maria Miesenbergers art is coming to this new housing area.

Autumn in Jämtland

Meeting this autumn in Jämtland, where two art projects comes to life.

The church yard projects has a Go

The church council of Lit and Häggenås has today decided that our public project with children will be implemented.

The consultant work begins this fall

Thins fall is getting started: Shabnam in Storvreten, Lena at Oxelvägen, Mandana in Fittjahöjden, Maria for Tingstorget and more…

Gnarly trees for church yards

Searching and finding the gnarly trees in Jämtland.

Stone and engravings

Researching local slate and engravings in Jämtland.

Welcome to a new studio

My new studio in Jämtland.

Shabnams process in Botkyrka

Shabnam Faraees work for Storvretsparken in Botkyrka is accessible through her new blog. Visit HERE


Six months later - the application from Professor Apa is finally in. Fingers crossed.

New assignment

Tusbystråket will need some art when it opens 2020.
I will help starting the process.

Planning stone works

"Look into my eyes"

New locations in Jämtland

Visiting different locations for new projects in Jämtland.

Model Nr 2


Sketcing old style

Thinking with my hands today. Let's see what it results in.

Art, children and graveyards

A big leap for a new project for two church yards in Jämtland. This church is so brave.
It don't fear hard qouestions and really believe in childrens world view.

Bridge and art project is growing in Lit

Intense days in Lit, working on our new massive project. Prepare for winter 2018!

KRO regarding public art in Nacka

Nacka has changed its routines for public art.
Here is KRO's reply link

3D-printing and museums

I'm part of a reference group for the Swedish National Heritage Board.
The project Is called
"God praxis för utnyttjande av 3D i taktila och tillgängliga museiupplevelser".
The project will run through 2018.

Backa Carin installs her work in Botkyrka

Backa Carins piece Speglingar was installed in Botkyrka today.
Thank you! more

Mandana Moghaddam to Botkyrka

Mandana will work with Fittjahöjden in almost two years. Congratulations Botkyrka!

Inauguration, Ebba Bohlin

Ebba Bohlins piece Tillblivelse was installed and inaugurated at Utskogens pre school today.
Great work everybody! more

Shabnam Faraee to Botkyrka

The reshaping of Storvretsparken in Botkyrka will include an extensive public art project.
Welcome Shabnam, and congratulations Botkyrka!

Possible project in Jämtland

Today, I was invited to one of the finest projects ever as an artist.
Lets hope it can be realized.

Lena Flodmans suggestion for Nacka

Congratulations Nacka and Oxelvägens pre school.

Things wont stay still in Jämtland

Things are either falling apart – or building momentum – in Lit, Jämtland. A few days of cracked roofs and great project ideas.

Kännbarts förstärkare

Writing the letters of participation for the "förstärkare" in project Kännbart.

Backa Carin in Botkyrka

Backa Carin Ivarsdotters suggestion for a public art piece in Botkyrka is accepted. Installation this summer.

Bigert & Bergström to Nacka

Bigert & Bergström accept a commission for the new Boo gårds school in Nacka.

"Tillblivelse" takes shape

The public piece "Tillblivelse" ("Genesis") by Ebba Bohlin takes shape. Inauguration at Utskogen pre school in June.

More art for Nacka

Visiting Oxelvägen today with Lena Flodman to research the place for her upcoming art piece.

Installation day, Ältadalen pre school

Irina installs her two part art work at Ältadalens pre school today.

Reading WiklundWiklund

WiklundWiklund is almost home with a fantastic book about the Fisksätra mönsterarkiv. I really appreciate a chance to proofread it in advance.

Medis 5 and Inuti

Great meetings with Medis 5 and Inuti today, regarding the future project Fakulteten (part of Professor Apa). We are getting there :-)

A new catalogue is born

The catalogue about Kännbart is here!! Thank you BankerWessel! Soon to be distributed – watch your postboxes in April. more

Fakulteten at Medis 5

The responsible for art in three Stockholm regions met today, to plan for Fakulteten (part of Professor Apa).
Nanna Leth from Nacka, Hélene Burmeister from Sollentuna and Miriam Andersson-Blecher from Botkyrka also took part of the practice at Medis 5.

Even more snow and more art

Visiting Ältadalens preschool with Irina My Ahrenstedt. Installation this easter.

More snowy parks

Another park In Botkyrka, Storvretsparken. Visiting the place for the new art hall with Kerstin to discuss the public art piece.

Snowy Storvretsparken

Visited Storvretsparken in Botkyrka for the first time today. Planning an investigative art process 2018 - 2019.

Voices from Kännbart

Working on the Kännbart report and stumbled upon these quotes from the participants with sight- and/or hearing disabilities (aka "förstärkare"):

”Kännbart handlar inte bara om att kvotera in oss, att ge oss en gräddfil in i konstvärlden. Det handlar inte heller bara om syn- och hörselnedsättningar. Det handlar om att vi har unika erfarenheter och unika perspektiv.”

”Det här att jag har fått vara med i Kännbart, det har gett mig så himla mycket. Det har stort att jag har vågat en massa på grund av det - jag har sökt jobb, jag har sökt kurser. Det hade jag inte vågat innan.”
”Jag har arbetat med tillgänglighet för landstinget och det är skittråkigt, för det händer ingenting. Det här projektet har åstadkommit mycket mer, på mycket kortare tid.”
”Jag har gått igenom många processer i mitt liv, men det här året med Kännbart har varit en av de viktigaste. Jag har fått tillbaka modet, självförtroendet. Projekt Kännbart har gett mig en grund.”

”Jag är stolt för att jag förändrade mitt liv!”

With Backa Carin to Botkyrka

Many things became clear when we visited the place for Backa Carins new piece; the great oak woods, for instance, is a small grove.

New assignements as a consultant

I started two new assignments as an art consultant in Botkyrka today; Fittjahöjden and Storvretsparken.

"Art creating segregation"



Welcome to my new web page.
Due to a computer break down, I had to rebuild it.
2018 – deconstruct and create.

A new project in Jämtland?

Today I met with Malin Nord and Malin Navarro to discuss a new project in Lit, Jämtland.
Maybe this time?

Maria Miesenberger to Botkyrka

Visiting Tingstorget with Maria Miesenberger today. Inauguration 2019.

Lena Flodman to Nacka

Oxelvägen pre school chose Lena Flodman for a new public art piece.
And Lena accepted! Congratulations Nacka!

Professor Apa

New project, new web page HERE

2018 is here

Welcome 2018!!

Last meeting in Sollentuna

My last meeting in Sollentuna today. From this day on we all rely on that the exciting project in Sollentuna can develop without me. All the best to everyone involved :-)

"Simsalabim" to Nacka

Irina My Ahrenstedt presents her suggestion for Ältadalens pre school. Everybody enthusiastically agreed. Inauguration May 2018.

Backa Carin Ivarsdotter to Botkyrka

It was decided today that Backa Carin Ivarsdotter will create an art piece for the LSS housing Lugnet in Botkyrka.
Congratulations Botkyrka.

Kännbart ends

Project Kännbart had its very last meeting today, and we celebrated three yeas with a dinner. Bon voyage everybody.

Folder for Nacka

Using this Sunday to produce a folder fot Nacka, regarding all the public social projects we have worked on since 2012.

Professor Apa evolves


Gunilla Poignant to Nacka

Gunilla Poignant accept a commission for public art at the future Kristallen pre school in Nacka.
Congratulations Nacka :-)

The future Malmparken

A new park will open in the center of Sollentuna 2019. Obviously there's gonna be some art.

Inauguration Jans plats

Inauguration in Fisksätra today: The final chapter Jans plats in the ten year project Fisksätra mönsterarkiv by WiklundWiklund.

New project in Nacka

The future pre school by Oxelvägen need some art. The process start today.

Ebba Bohlins suggestion accepted

Ebba Bohlin presents her suggestion for a public art piece in Nacka. All present loved it.

Inauguration: Linda Bäckström

Inauguration for Linda Bäckströms piece DINO at Sörgården pre school! MORE

Mats suggestion for Myrsjöskolan

Mats Olofgörs presents his suggestion for an art piece for Myrsjöskolan.

A final party for Kännbart

Finally some unresponsibel time with Kännbart.

Kännbart - end seminar

End seminar today for Kännbart. Program HERE


Two days with talks and lectures for "förstärkare" in project Kännbart. See program HERE

Tingstorget takes shape

And it will require some art.

Lindas work gets its colors

Lindas work for Sörgården is lacquered today. MORE

Art days in Umeå

With Max and Hugo in Umeå. Janna Holmstedts exhibition Then, the Bark; Bildmuseets exhibition Ana Mendieta and more.

Älvgräs installed

Johanna Byström Sims have installed her piece today. MORE

Assignement in Sollentuna

Three youth centers will collaborate to create a new public art piece in Sollentuna. I have been asked to assist in launching the project.

New projects in Botkyrka and Nacka

Lugnet in Botkyrka and Boo gårds preschool in Nacka need some art.

Irina to Nacka

Irina My Ahrenstedt will create a new piece for Ältadalens pre school in Nacka.
Congratulations Nacka.

Working on the Kännbart book

BaknerWessel has the great idea for Kännbarts final book. It'll be great!

La Biennale di Venezia 2017

Art, food and wine with Åsa Elieson and Magnus Jacobsson.

Opening Kännbart

Thanks all the 350 visitors during the last opening of Kännbart.

Three interviews

Together with Annika Ottander, I've made three interviews with people that are deaf- and/or blind.
1. Graciela Gonzalo-Sundström grew up deaf in Argentina, and then lost her sight in Sweden. Watch HERE
2. Dennis Lindell and Fredrik Lundgren discuss dating and work. Watch HERE
3. Jane Eriksen is deaf and blind. Her hobbies: Literature and riding. Watch HERE

Opening in two days - Kännbart is growing


Building last Kännbart exhibition


"Tre projekt där barnen är med"


Accidentally discovered that Haninge has published "Offentlig konst i haninge där barnen är med".
It presents three projects. All with me as the art consultant / project manager. Download it HERE

Another broken heart

I was a asked to make red broken heart, for Mikaelas book as part of Kännbart. Here it is.

Ebba Bohlin to Nacka

Visiting Utskogen new preschool today together with artist Ebba Bohlin, planning her public art.

Planning the next project


Long hard hat day


BankerWessel and Kännbart

The book for Kännbart is taking shape. Thanks once again BankerWessel (who also worked with the TA PLATS!-book).

New project in Nacka, Ältadalen

The construction of Ältadalens pre school is almost completed. Time to choose art.

Ebba Bohlin to Nacka

Ebba Bohlin has accepted an assignment for public art at Utskogens new pre school.
Congratulations Nacka.

Planning exhibition at Scenkonstmuseet


Gracielas new piece

Graciela is working on her public piece for Scenkonstmuseet this fall, with assistance from Linda Bäckström.

Two projects in Nacka today

First: Start up meeting for the new Kristallen pre school. Inauguration 2019.
Second: Deciding the kind of art for Utskogen new pre school. Inauguration 2017.

Zenit writes about Kännbart


Mats Olofgörs to Nacka

It was decided today that artist Mats Olofgörs will create the art for the new Myrsjöskolan. Congratulations Nacka!

Johanna Sims to create "Älvgräs"

The art council of Botkyrka has accepted Johanna Sims suggestion Sjögräs for Stigbygeln. Inauguration this fall.

In the foundry

The children at Sörgården pre school visits the foundry where Linda Bäckströms piece takes shape.

Kännbart opening at Borås art museum



WIP annual meeting 2017

Annual meeting at WIP:sthlm today. As I have left WIP, I also resign as head of the board. See you around :-)

Kännbart to Borås

Installation begins: Kännbart opens at Borås art museum next week.

Introduction day at Scenkonstmuseet

The project Kännbart arranged an introduction day at Scenkonstmuseet today. Program HERE

Art for a new pre school

Visiting the new Utskogen pre school today.

Kännbart - förstärkare

Kännbart has a "scholarship program" for people with sight- and/or hearing disabilities. Next exhibitions in Borås and Stockholm.

Nackas new webpages

Visits Nackas new art web page and realizes that most of the images are from my projects :-)

Workshop for Sörgården

The children of Sörgården pre school engages in the colors for Linda Bäckströms piece.

Public art for Botkyrka

Johanna Sims presents her suggestion for Stigbygeln in Botkyrka today.

Practice Continued

Exhibition Practice Continued opens att WIP:sthlm, a collaboration with Konstfrämjandet.

Längmanska kulturfonden & Det andra

The foundation Längmanska kulturfonden will partly finance the project Det andra.

Opening Kännbart in Sandviken

Project Kännbart opening at Sandviken art hall today. Program HERE

New assignment as consultant

New assignment as an art consultant in Botkyrka, inauguration 2019.

2018 is here?

Starting to work on the next big project…

Graciela at MTM

Installing ceramics by, and interview with, Graciela, at the MTM international conference Tactile Reading.

Nacka, WIP and Kännbart

A week with Nacka, Kännbart and WIP. (Image: Tankar tar form by Fredrika Linder)

Text for Nadja Ekman

Short text for Nadja Ekmans upcoming exhibition HERE

Leaving KC Öst

After six years as a member of the board at KC Öst, I leave this important challenging work to a new crew.

Introduction day, Borås art museum

Kännbart: Seminar, workshop and preparations at Borås art museum. Program HERE

Work and input in Gothenburg and Borås

Traveling between Stockholm, Gothenburg and Borås. Planning Kännbart at Borås art museum and visiting Världskulturmuseet, etc.

New assignment: Utskogen

They build the new Utskogen pre school in Nacka. As a consultant I'm responsible for the art.

Texts for the exhibition by Lisa and Rolf

Writing texts for Lisa Jeannins and Rolf Schuurmans exhibition in Nacka. Read HERE

Kännbart opening in Ystad

Kännbart opens at Ystad art museum, with new pieces by Frida and Asha. Program HERE

Good bye WIP:sthlm

After seven (!?) years at WIP:sthlm, this is it. I'm leaving my studio that has been the epicenter for so much work.
Yet - I'll stay on the board (though that probably won't be a comfort to my kids who has grown up in the studio).

Planning at Rönnells

Planning the work with Sagoland together with Mari Kretz at Rönnells.

Kännbart evolves

Kännbart travels to Ystad art museum, and new work evolves.

Public art in Nacka and Botkyrka

First meeting for Myrsjöskolan in Nacka; Johanna Sims got a commission in Botkyrka.

New artists in Kännbart

Harry, Birgitta and Bert will enhance Kännbart with pictures, textiles and sign language poetry. Welcome.

All work and some play....

A compact work day with Kännbart, WIP and Nacka ends at Scenkonstmuseets grand opening.

Seminar days

Kännbart arranges an introduction day in Sandviken, while at the same time I attend the Funktek end seminar in Gothenburg.

Networking in Sandviken

Kännbart will work with school, Sinnesriket and the art hall in Sandviken. Meetings today.

Art, History and Film festival in Gothenburg

(Images: "Double Blind" by Charlotte Gyllenhammer; Natural history museum; Gothenburgburg film festival)

Visiting Borås art museum

Kännbart exhibits at Borås art museum this summer, with many of our newly produced art.

Sörgården evolves, as the art

Linda Bäckström visits the preschool Sörgården with Hella.

Seminar in Ystad

Seminar, workshop and reparations at Ystad art museum. Read MORE

Meetings with new participants in Kännbart

Meetings with Bert Brännström, who is deaf-and-blind and work with sign language poetry, and with artist Birgitta Dahlström who is loosing her sight and has been an active part of Gothenburgs art scene for 40 years.

Seminar in Gothenburg

Seminar, workshop and reparations at Gothenburg city museum. Read MORE

New year, new games


Light on Trädkåtan

The public piece Trädkåtan by Daniela Hedman got its spotlights today.

WiklundWiklund suggestion accepted

It was decided today that WiklundWiklunds proposal for a new art piece in Fisksätra should be placed at the square.

New assignement in Botkyrka

The LSS-housing Stigbygeln need some art. Process started.

Inauguration of new art in Nacka

Fredrika Linder has installed a new art piece in Nackasalen, Nacka – inauguration today! MORE

Weekend work Gothenburg


Making christmas gifts


WIP exploring new premises


Interview with Dennis and Fredrik

interviewing two former chairmans for DBU - Dennis and Fredrik.

New art by WiklundWiklund

WiklundWiklund suggest a new chapter for Fisksätra mönsterarkiv. Presentation today.

Installation in Nackasalen

Fredrika Linder begins the installation of a new art piece in Nackasalen.

Daniela installation in Nacka

Daniela Hedman installs her piece Trädkåtan in Nacka today.

Assisting Asha with her tipi

Asha is developing her art in a great tipi within the project Kännbart.

Linda Shamma public art

Linda Shamma has installed her adjusted piece for Vreta pre school, Botkyrka. Thanks Linda. MORE

Work in progress at WIP

Showing my piece HJÄRTAT ÄR EN MUSKEL (Pulsen är en nedräkning), see MORE

Open studios at WIP:sthlm

WIP:sthlm celebrates its 10:th birthday by creating a great collaborative CV.

Program for asylum seeking artists

WIP:sthlm and Konstfrämjandet Sthlm agreed today on a new project: To provide artist that has newly arrived or are seeking asylum in Sweden, with studios, resources and exhibitions.

Kännbart opening in Gothenburg


Arranging studio visits at WIP

Arranging studiovisits for the "förstärkare" from Kännbart at WIP:sthlm. more

Arranging visit to Moderna

A great group of people that we work with in Kännbart - "Förstärkare", from Örebro - visit Moderna today.w

Kännbart to Gothenburg

The Kännbart-exhibition reaches the Museum of Gothenburg. Image: Art by Julia Adzuki.

Interview with Jane Eriksen

Last interview with Jane Eriksen for Kännbart. The film will be edited by Åsa Elieson, premiere in December.

Education day in Gothenburg

Two lectures in todays education day in Gothenburg. Program>>

inauguration Roland Persson

Inauguration in Nacka for a new piece by Roland Persson. More information here>> and my text here>>

Linda present her work for Botkyrka

Linda Bäckström present her suggestion for Sörgården pre school this evening. Now we get going! Inauguration 2017.

WIP for asylum seeking artist

Decided today that WIP:sthlm (where I am chairman of the board) will cooperate with Konstfrämjandet Sthlm and others, to make it possible for asylum seeking artist to work in Stockholm.

Opening in Rättvik

Opening for Kännbart at Rättvik art hall.

Kännbart installation in Rättvik

Kännbart is installed and presented to the press at Rättvik art hall.

Danielas art aproved

It was officially decided today that artist Daniela Hedmans suggestion for Lännbohöjden will be installed. Inauguration January.

Fredrika Linder to Nacka

Congratulations Nacka - it was decided today that artist Fredrika Linder got the commission for Nackasalen.

Late summer train ride

Riding the train home from Örebro after work with Kännbart. Many new ideas and energy.

Wow - some weeks

Kännbart is traveling to Rättvik, we enroll some new "förstärkare"; I build a new piece with Mari Kretz for Satsuma Kustantamo, two public art projects in Botkyrka – with Linda Shamma and Linda Bäckström – are on its way to realization, Roland Perssons public piece in Nacka is soon inaugurated, the art competition for Nackasalen, between Lisa Jeannin + Rolf Schuurmans and Fredrika Linder is soon decided, a new project in Nacka starts, I start a project with Linda Shamma, KC Öst is starting up, WIP:sthlm has new projects, and great meetings at SU and with Osynlig utställning. To mention but a few :-)

In the hood (wood)


Summer turns to fall

Work not only continues but builds up.
As a consultant: Public art in Nacka and Botkyrka, inaugurations and new assignments.
As a curator, Kännbart evolves and travels to Rättvik and Gothenburg this fall.
I work with new art with some great colleagues.
And working on the board on KC Öst and WIP gets even more interesting.

Fall is coming and so is work!


Working on the piece Sagoland together with Mari Kretz.

Almedalsveckan 2016

Kännbart at Almedalsveckan this year. Full program HERE>>

Planning for Scenkonstmuseet

Kännbart ends its tour at Scenkonstmuseet September 2017.

Prints for Almedalen

Layout for Kännbarts program during Almedalsveckan and business cards with braille. MORE>>

Visiting BoKlok with Daniela

With Daniela Hedman at BoKloks project in Lännbohöjden, Nacka. New art in 2016.

Kännbart opening and press

Kännbart opening at Kalmar konstmuseum and Virserum konsthall these days.
Barometern 18/6 PRESS>> Vimmerby 17/6 PRESS>> About Sindri 17/6 PRESS>>
(Photo: Tommy Nilsson)

Interviews with Jane

Interviews with Jane Eriksen. Situation: Deaf and blind. Hobbies: Reading and riding.

Kännbart installed in Kalmar

Johanna Sims instilling Sök by Nadja Ekman at Kalmar konstmuseum.

Kännbart installed in Virserum

Project Kännbart is installed in Virserum today. Art by Maria Luostarinen and Julia Adzuki. (Photo: Sims)

WIP searching for new accommodations

WIP visiting the former Telia buildings in Farsta today, in search for new accommodations, with Site and KKV,

New assignment in Nacka

There are major plans for the central parts of Nacka. I am to write a new analysis for the possibilities of art.

KC Öst summer meeting

The annual KC Öst meeting in Bosses garden.

introduction day in Rättvik


Introduction day before Kännbart reaches Rättvik this fall. MORE>>

Work in Jämtland

Maybe the last time I work at Brogård for a long time.

Kännbart Introduction in Kalmar

A full introduction day before Kännbart reaches Kalmar art museum and Virserum arthall. MORE>>


A new start for the publishing company Satuuma kustantamo. Marja-Leena Sillanpää has invited me and artist Mari Kretz to make a new piece together - Sagoland.

Kännbart attention

New media on Kännbart:
Video about our guide concept (by Riksutställningar) HERE>>
Radio interview with Tobbe (by P4) HERE>>
Radio interview about our exhibition (by P1) HERE>>
& our presence at Almedalsveckan is public HERE>>

New assignement as consultant

A new housing area is being built in Lännbohöjden, Nacka by BoKlok. A fast project for public art has started.

Roland presents his art

Final check. Roland Persson presents his art for Lotsen pre school. See more>>

My lectures and programs

I have put together a material on this webpage, about my work with lectures, educations, seminars, etc.
Feel free to check it out HERE>>

News: Art consultant

Responsible for KC Öst at Supermarket

This year I was responsible for the KC Öst presence at Supermarket.
Material by Bosse, Anna, and Lisen. (Photo: Malena Zigla)

Venice 2016

Churches, Culture and Calamities with Max.

Kännbart opening in Luleå today


Inauguration Långsjöodjuret

Opening for Långsjöodjuret by Torbjörn Berg in Nacka today. See more>>

New assignment

At WIP: Sthlm's annual meeting today I accepted the part as chairman of the board.

Kännbart: Mentor program 2016

We have begun the 2016 mentor program "Förstärkare" in Kännbart. With pride: Frida, Graciela and Cecilia. Reed more HERE

Annual meeting KC Öst

I enroll for two more (last) years on the board. Link>>

Sörgården, Botkyrka

In 15 months this place will be a great new preschool, with great new art.

Kännbart goes to Stockholm

It is now done: Kännbart travels to Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm in September 2017.

As responsible for project Kännbarts webpage, I just gave it a whole new look.
Do check it out:

New assignments

Art consultant: Prolonged contract as consultant in Botkyrka.
Art consultant: The new pre school Sörgården in Botkyrka need some public art.
Supermarket: Cooperation on KC Öst's participation.

Roland at KKV

With Roland Persson to see his work in progress for a public installation at Lotsen pre school in Nacka. Great energy!!

Information day in Umeå

Full day in Umeå today, working on Kännbart.

Kännbart opens in Umeå

Kännbart opens at Väven and Västerbottens museum this weekend. Welcome!

Press for Kännbart

See the video-interview here>>

Visiting museums today

Running through museums in Stockholm today with Max

Kännbart to Umeå


Full day in Umeå, together with Västerbottens museum, Väven, ABF, kyrkan mm. Kännbart opens January 30.

Kännbart ends in Örebro

Thanks Länsmuseet in Örebro for these months. New stop: Umeå.

Winter in Örebro

Meetings in Örebro today, regarding Kännbart. With Örebro Läns museum, Göteborgs stadsmuseum and Scenkonstmuseet.

2016 is here

Lets move on

Work in Jämtland


Torbjörn Berg in Nacka

Visiting Torbjörns work at Långsjöskolan today with Nanna Leth.

Visiting Störd och Stolt

Magnificent gala in Stockholm City Hall tonight - Störd och Stolt by FUB.

Arijana Kajfes to Botkyrka

The installation begins for Arijana Kajfes work at Violen pre school.

DN about WIP today

DN writes about WIP: Sthlm, where I have my studio, and about artists shrinking possibilities to work in Stockholm. Read>>

To Jämtland

Different kinds of work in Jämtland for a few days.

Kännbart - evaluation with artists

From left to right: Matti Kallioinen, Annika Ottander (curator in Kännbart), Nadja Eriksson, Maria Luostarinen and
Eva Lundqvist (Riksutställningar)

Conferance and educatin day

The program for Kännbart is rolling with workshops, conferences, education days, guided tours and much more.

Opening Kännbart



Kännbart result in a new opening record at Örebro Läns museum :-)

Press and information about Kännbart

SVT Nyheter:
Landets fria:
Skånes taltidning:

Audioguides (SE):
Sign language (SE):

New assignment in Nacka

It was decided today that Nackasalen will receive a new site specific art piece.

Testing the art

People with sigh- and/or hearing disabilities test all art before the opening. Lena Kung, Ewa Rydmark och Milla
Högberg, with interpreters with
La Luna by Mari Kretz.

Kännbart - installation

Beginning to install the exhibition Kännbart at Örebro läns museum. Had to cut down significant parts of the
trees to get in with the trucks :-) Smooth operation thanks to ÖLM,
Sims Art+Sound and Riksutställningar.

Installation of Torbjöns sculpture

Installation of the sculpture by Torbjörn Berg for Långsjö pre school begin.

Nadja in my studio

Lovely company in my studio - Nadja Ekman working on her piece "Sök" for Kännbart.

Kännbart conferance

A lot of Kännbart programmes these weeks. Today a conference at Örebro länsmuseum.
(Images: Me; Sindri Runudde; Alexandra Royal. Photo: Anna Öjebrandt)

The art for Kännbart evolves


The art pieces for Kännbart evolves. Here (work in progress) "La Luna" by Mari Kretz, and "Resonant bodies" by Julia Adzuki.

Lotsen grows

The pre school Lotsen grow and with it the art piece by Roland Persson.

Part of Glänta magazine

A new number of Glänta is released.
Part of my project Collision Frequency Increased is in it.

Kännbart at Riksutställningar

All artists in project Kännbart has the possibility to work with Riksutställningar this week.
You can read about Riksutställningars point of view HERE>>

Kännbart to FSDB Sthlm

Collaboration with FSDB Sthlm and Kännbart. There together with the project and Nadja and Julia.

New web page for KC ÖST

KC Öst, where I am a member of the board, has a brand new web page, check it out here>>
(Made by Mari Kretz (together with Åsa Andersson Broms and Åsa Elieson from KC Öst)

Moderator for conference in October

The upcoming project Kännbart will produce two conferences this fall, the first one in October.
I will moderate this exciting day, hosted by Örebro läns museum.

De andra - exhibition

De andra is part of Konstgödnings event at Storsjöteatern, Östersund.



Visiting the biennale in Venice

A week of art, visiting the 56th art biennale in Venice.
(Art: Sarah Lucas / Fiona Hall)

Kännbart - Utveckling

A new part of Kännbart is released: We create artistic opportunities for people with sight and/or hearing disabilities.

De andra with Konstgödning

Program for Konstgödning 11 - 12 Sept is officiall.

Graciela Sundström-Gonzales

Interview with Graciela Sundström-Gonzales, about life, art and the lack of hearing and sight. Watch here>>
For Kännbart. (Interpreter: Johanna Sandholm and Susanna Roos)

Kick-off Kännbart

The team running Kännbart. We start this fall in Örebro.

Sculptures in Transformation

Roland Perssons suggestion "Skulpturer i omvandling" ("Sculptures in Transformation") is accepted for Lotsen. Inauguration August 2016.


Planning for Konstgödning

Konstgödning will have a seminar and exhibition in September. Planning today at Storsjöteatern in Östersund.

Julia Adzukis art for Kännbart

Artist Julia Adzuki demonstrate her work for the exhibition Kännbart.
With Hugo, Sindri (with whom she collaborate) and Annika (also curator in Kännbart).

Public art in Lit?

Looking for a good place for public art in Lit, as part of De andra.

De andra at Brogård

A week at Brogård, searching for the others, De andra.

Dummy for De andra ("The Others") as part of Litsboken is on its way.

The painting "Spot" is completed

The painting of champion dog Spot is finished and of to framing.

A web page for De andra (The Others) are up and running:

Presentation: New art for Nacka

Artist Torbjörn Berg presented his suggestion for a new art piece for Långsjöns pre school in Nacka today.
It was gladly accepted and inauguration is this fall.

Planning: Kännbart to Örebro

Planing with Mia at Örebro läns museum. This will be the first exhibition of Kännbart, in November, with massiv programs, educations and collaborations.

Planning: Kännbart to Umeå

Visiting Västerbottens museum and Väven to discuss the Kännbart exhibition in December.
Thanks Moa, Helena and Anja! (And thanks Robert at Umeå konsthögskola also!)

Kännbart - Örebro meeting

After some lectures on contemporary art, we plan several things, amongst others our participation at Almedalsveckan 2016.

Studio time

(Photo: Max)

Kännbart 2015 - 2017

Two years already planned for the Kännbart tour in Sweden!
See for yourselves: Link>>

Work in Jämtland

Max and Hugo helping out.

Great meeting with Bodil and Stina today, regarding my art project De andra, part of Konstgödning.


Inauguration ROSE

Artist Monika Larsen Dennis (Photo: Nanna Leth)

Education for the artists in Kännbart

Artists Mari Kretz, Matti Kallioinen, Nadja Ekman. (Photo: Anna Öjebrandt)

All the artists in Kännbart (together with Riksutställningar and Allmänna arvsfonden) had an education day today at WIP Sthlm today.
Here: three of them moving without sight or hearing.

Berättelser i en väska at Lindeparken

Read more here>>

Torbjörn Berg to Nacka

Långsjö pre school chose artist Torbjörn Berg today, for a new permanent art piece.
Welcome to Nacka, Torbjörn.

Konstgödning in Stockholm

Working on the September concept for Konstgödning, with Kajsa Willemark and Vanja Steinholtz.

Maria Luostarinen in Kännbart

The sixth and final artist for Kännbart has accepted and we now have a full house. Welcome Maria Luostarinen!

Lecture on Kännbart

At FOMS annual meeting.

Analysis for Nackasalen

Delivered an analysis for Nackasalen, Nacka today. How to - or not to - install art there.

Folders for Kännbart

Made the first folders for Kännbart

Roland Persson to Nacka

We chose artist for a new public assignment in Nacka: Welcome Roland Persson to Lotsen pre school. Inauguration 2016

Annual meeting KC Öst

Really important and successful annual meeting for KC Öst.

Logo for Kännbart

Fredrik Andersson delivers the logo for Kännbart. Thanks!

Moving back into my studio

Moving back into my studio at WIP! (Max helps out)

De andra leap forward

After some time without development for my project "The others", I finally talked to Bertil and Bodil today, and they gave me a lot of new energy - and some material about "the others", such as this article from January 2015 Link>>

Opening in Huddinge

Berättelser i en väska opens at Fullersta gård.

Kännbart webpage published

I've been working on a web page for the project Kännbart, for which I am a curator.
It was downgraded by ABF after the project ended: LINK

Three projects, one day in Nacka

Three projects in Nacka today:
- Meeting about the art for Lotsen pre school
- Visiting Nacka stadshus where we need new art
- Traveling to Järla school to examine their new piece

Kick off for the artists in Kännbart



TA PLATS! and I discussed in podcast

Thanks Lisa Torell for giving me cred as a curator in TA PLATS! in this podcast:

Blå huset i Tensta

Sart-up at Blå huset in Tensta today. A longer project could result in a more active art life in Tensta.

Art Capital of Scandinavia?

Branding has named Stockholm the capital of all Scandinavia.
But how does Stockholm treat its artists? And what does it mean for this capitals cultural life?
Lets find out…

Interviews, Berättelser i en väska

Interviews at Lindeparken and Kulturfyren these days. Found out that it got a lot of attention in the last edition of Unik.

2015 is here!

365 new days of work ahead :-)
Art work: Getting my studio back for new paintings and the work with De andra in Jämtland.
Art consultant: Looking forward to four new inaugurations.
Curator: The extensive project Kännbart begins, opening in November.
And much more!
See you around!

New public art for Dynamiten

Ylva Landoff Lindberg installs her public art for Dynamiten today.

One day - two projects

First meeting today in Haninge, regarding Berättelser i en väska, then at Annikas home regarding Kännbart.

First meeting: Konstgödning

First meeting for Konstgödning, in Östersund. Lots of energy!

Konstgödning press


Opening at Moderna

Full crowd!! :-)

Almost done at Moderna


ROSE installed

Monika Larsen Dennis ROSE for Järla skola was installed today. Part of the piece flying here.

Buildning at Moderna


New place for public art

  • Lotsen - new pre school and new art 2016

All work and no play -

- makes me a happy guy.
  • Kännbart is evolving already and we talk to interested institutions in Sweden even before we have the artists.
  • Berättelser i en väska is triggering the interest of several institutions in Stockholm.
  • Konstgödning in Jämtland, in which I am a part, has a new web page link>>


Today Arvsfonden chose to support our project Kännbart full out!
God damn, this will be three exciting years!
Lets go!

"De andra"

My suggestion for a collaborative project in Jämtland was accepted today. De andra (The others) is part of Konstgödning.

Folder has arrived

The folder I made for Berättelser i en väska is here.

Studio with Malin, Sam and Hugo

Talking about the goblins and spirits in Jämtland, hoping for an upcoming project. Malin Nord, Sam and Hugo.

Visiting Makraoni

Thanks Malou, Nadja and Mattias for sharing Makaroni with me and Max today. Love at first sight.

Presentation x2

Arijana Kajfes and Linda Shamma presented their suggestions for public art in Botkyrka tonight. The art council approved of both ideas, which will be inaugurated in spring. (Image: detail of Arijanas suggestion.)

The piece for Vreta takes form

The public piece for Vreta pre school, by Linda Shamma, is taking form. Today: Carina, Hugo and I portray animals on location.

Full day in Örebro

Full day in i Örebro, talking about our upcoming project Kännbart. Thanks Annika, Janne and Mikael. Fingers crossed for fundings.

Opening ÄGD in Huddinge

Opening of ÄGD at Fullersta gård in Huddinge today. I participated with the piece "Fritt fall".

Release for the TA PLATS!-book

Order it here: Konstfrämjandet, Niklas Östholm: 073-510 32 69 /
Or download it here>> eh, but please don't. The book looks great, order the real deal! Its free!

Inauguration Anna Svensson

Inauguration today for Anna Svenssons piece Kurragömma at Isis preschool. more>>

KC Öst meeting in Uppsala

KC Öst had a meeting in Uppsala today. Guided tour on public art, meeting, dinner and (as usual) Hugo in focus.

Release for the TA PLATS! book

The release day for the book about TA PLATS! is official. Welcome!

Monika Larsen Dennis to Nacka

The large sculpture for Järla school is under production. Each dove a full size bench for the kids to sit on.

The book about TA PLATS! is here


Kfr - annual report

As usual fun to open Konstfrämjandets annual report - as my / Kfr Sthlm's projects represent almost 50% of the images ;-)

Completed editing pictures

Finished editing 128 images för Åsa Elieson today.

Analysis for Nacka strand

Delivered my first analysis for public art in future Nacka strand.

Work hard, sleep hard

First a looong excursion to learn more about artificial grass. Then well earned sleep in the studio.

To a new project in Nacka


All books are one book

My work on writing one single book, from all the books I have read, continues. One sentence from each book, in chronological order. Todays work:
Skärmavbild 2014-07-07 kl. 10.45.11

Meeting with Linda Shamma

A good place to work: meeting with Linda Shamma about her public work in Botkyrka.

Planning exhibition at Moderna

Meeting with Linda Bäckström and Hugo today. Discussing the possibilities for "Berättelser i en väska" at Moderna in December.

Trial and Error

Received two mail these days, regarding the Trial and Error work for Point of View:

"We're a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with valuable info to work on. You have done aan impressive job and our whole community will be thankful to you." To text Link>>

"Thank you for another informative blog. Where else could I am getting that kind of information written in such a perfect way? I've a challenge that I'm just now running on, and I've been on the glance out for such information." To text Link>>

Analysis for Henriksdal

Handed in my analysis for the expanding Henriksdal today. Finally!

Primordial Soup

This digital print, made for 1075 and counting 2007, has been called for today. "Do you have more art of that kind?" I don't know but will start thinking.

Monika Larsen Dennis in Nacka

Monika Larsen Dennis suggestion for a public art piece at Järla skola was admitted today. Inauguration this fall.

KC öst board

KC Öst members of the board has the last meeting before the summer.

Ylvas public art accepted

Ylva Landoff Lindbergs suggestion for an outdoor art piece at Dynamiten, was accepted by Botkyrkas art council today.

More public art with Hugo

Today at Järla school in Nacka, with a presentation by Monika Larsen Dennis.

Hugo working

Second son at work. First meeting at Violen in Botkyrka with head of the pre school Susanne and with artist Arijana Kajfes. Then studio time.

ÖP article about grant

From ÖP link>>

Berättelser i en väska

From left to right: Max, Martin, Linda and Anna. I am contracted to conceptualize their (not Max) project "Berättelser i en väska" for a public tour.

Grant in Jämtland

Getting the Karin Engelfeldt grant in Jämtland, and giving mini lecture. With Max as usual. (Photo: Eva Herdin)

Analysis for Henriksdal

Hello Henriksdal. You will get 2 000 new apartments and I will analyze what kind of art you need where.

Redesigning the TA PLATS!-book

Here with Niklas Östholm from Konstfrämjandet, at WIP.

Mostly Mammal

Restarting the "Mostly Mammal" idea - here some sketches for the double-M logo

Two new artists to Botkyrka

Two artists were chosen in Botkyrka this rainy night: Linda Shamma Östrand, for Vreta pre school, and Arijana Kajfes for Violen pre school. Congratulations Botkyrka!

Before weekend

Different kinds of work these last days before weekend:
- Monika Larsen Dennis accepts a commission in Nacka.
- Riksutställningar are really engaged in the upcoming project Kännbart.
- All involved executives at Skansen are now welcoming the upcoming project MIX.
- Preparing for the next chapter for the KC Öst consultants.
- All suggested artists for two commissions in Botkyrka has accepted, decision 8/4.
- BankerWessel hands in a suggestion for the book about TA PLATS!
- Unna design gives us response for the Kännbart project.
Now - let the weekend begin with a feverish son.

Jämtland grant

Karin Engelfeldts minnesfond in Jämtland announced that I received their grant 2014. Not a lot of money but some glory April 27.

Berättelser i en väska

I have been asked to work with the touring part of the project "Berättelser i en väska" as it is soon heading out on the roads. Got some ideas right away. New meeting next week!

ÄGD continues

My piece Fritt fall aill keep traveling with ÄGD. Opening at Fullersta konsthall 13 Sept.

Årsmöte KC Öst.


Working on KÄNNBART

Studio time has been more fun...

3D-printer and -scanner

Visited Solidmakarna together with Riksutställningar (and Max) today. Research for 3D-printer and -scanner for the upcoming project Kännbart. This could bee so cool.

Botkyrka today

Vreta pre school chose which artists they want to work with. Violen pre school chose what kind of art they want. And the snow came again.

Concept for public art

Today we decided the what-where-when regarding art for Järla skola. In two weeks, we choose the artist.
(Also had a really exciting meeting with Klara and Katarina regarding Plania)

URL statistics

Checked out the statistics for web pages today.
Number of visits last year: - 27 232 - 53 288
I win ;-)

Workday at Skansen

Workday at Skansen today, regarding our possible future project. (With my usual parter in crime, Max.)

The book TA PLATS! takes shape


Late work with the book about TA PLATS!


Finishing seminar TA PLATS!

Finishing seminar for TA PLATS! – here Caina Ostenfeldt.

The TA PLATS! seminar is public


TA PLATS! book is growing


Futurado starting

First meeting for Futurado at Candyland. Great energy!

Working on the TA PLATS!-book

A mind map of the programs on Kulturhuset in Stockholm 2010.

Botkyrka: Vreta and Violen

Two meetings in Botkyrka today: Public art for Vreta pre school and for Violen pre school. Exciting points of departure in both projects, artists will be chosen this winter.

Analysis for Plania

Plania in Nacka will grow in a couple of years. I begin the analysis for public art.

Different kinds of work

1. Pushing the stroller to kindergarden through the snow.
2. Gym-time for the first time in three years.
3. Calling schools about their public art.
4. Reading 62 pages about a housing area that doesn't exist yet.
5. Pushing the stroller again.

Three new projects in Nacka

One BIG and two small.

Working on deaf-blind project

I have been invited to work with an upcoming project for the deaf and blind. Got some really exciting input and concept ideas today after some good conversations.

Concept for TA PLATS! seminar

The general outlines of the TA PLATS! seminar seem to be fixed:

Magnus Bärtås, professor contemporary art: The possible effects of art in society today.
Po Hagström, curator TA PLATS!: Introduction and the concept of TA PLATS!
Katti Hofflin, director of Dunkers kulturhus: About unnecessary problems.
Carina Ostenfeldt, curator: Possibilities with availability
Finn Petrén, design för alla: An analysis of availability from a global perspective
Lisa Torell, artist: Reflections after participating in TA PLATS!, art and society

More press for Älta

An article about the finished work by Åsa Elieson for Älta kulturknut. Somewhat annoying but ok. more>> (Scroll down)

TA PLATS! as a book

Working with the soon-to-be book about TA PLATS! Thank God for all the professionals involved, I hardly remember what way is up...

Inauguration in Älta

Finally Åsa Eliesons piece Vi, de levande (We, the living) is inaugurated at Älta kulturknut. More>>

Two good touchdowns

First today: Great meeting with Musik- och Teatermuseet, regarding the future project at Skansen.
Then made a video interview with Åsa Elieson at WIP, for the opening at Älta kulturknut tomorrow.


Finally back to work….

"Vi, de levande" for Älta

"Vi, de levande" ("We, the Living") is a video walk piece by Åsa Elieson. It will be augured 8 Jan 2014 as a new public art piece made specifically för Älta kulturknut. It is partly based upon Åsas performance work in Älta this fall. (I am the art consultant.) Today we met to do the walk for the very first time. Thank you Åsa!

Meeting with Ylva

Ylva Landoff Lindberg got a project for public art in Botkyrka. We met today for a first meeting and we think her piece will be installed autumn 2014. Looking forward to that! (Image: Ylva Landoff Lindberg: Detail from "After Your Heart Stopped Beating")

Two good meetings today and...

Two good meetings today and one bad:
+ Kulturfyren - very cool ladies and very cool project!
+ KC Öst - a great board, glad to be a part of it.
- My son Max had to be carried crying from pre school after puking.
All left some marks.

Artist chosen in Botkyrka

This is where it is decided: What artist gets the public project in Botkyrka, and who doesn't? Today: Ylva Landoff Lindberg for the project Dynamiten. Congratulations!

Blast from the past

Aww, just found out that my lecture for Riksutställningar 2010 (?) is on the web… Help… Remember being irritated. With Carina Ostenfeldt.

Botkyrka all day long

1. Meeting with Miriam regarding the overall work and structure with public art in Botkyrka.
2. Meeting regarding Violen, a new pre school in Botkyrka.
3. Meeting regarding the pre school Vreten in Botkyrka.

"Survival of te Fittest" ends

Exhibition at Studio 44 ends. "The Evolution of the Self-Made Man" and "Inauguration-kit" packed down.

TA PLATS! - book and seminar

January / February 2014: Seminar and book about TA PLATS! Rolling up my sleeves AND dusting of my brain… (This work basically started 2007 with the project Konst med alla sinnen...)

Inauguration: Julia Adzuki

The public art project that I initiated as an art consultant in Haninge, at the swimming house in Torvalla, is to be inaugurated.
Congratulations Julia Adzuki, you are great!
Opening: 20 Nov 18:00-20:00

Two meatings in Nacka

Two meetings in Nacka today: First, where to place art of Simka; Second, strategies for Kvarnholmen.

Sunday walk - talk

On the belly: a son + In the ears: Lil Wayne + From the iPhone: How to organize the public art by Henkan = Sunday walk

Project at Järla skola starts

Met the student council at Järla skola today. They showed me around, told me about their school and we talked about art. We hope to install a new piece within a year.
Two of their suggestions: A Ben and Jerry-pool that keeps filling up with ice cream; Bricks on the ground that you can walk on, and if you step on the wrong one, you'll fall into a pit of snakes.

Two new projects in Botkyrka

Today two new projects in Botkyrka started: Violen pre school and Vreten pre school.

Åsa Elieson #2 in Älta

The other part of Åsa Eliesons performance art as public art starts today in Älta, as herr Barkman enters.

ÄGD opening in Sala

ÄGD opens in Sala today. Participating with my piece Fritt fall

Opening "Survival of the Fittest"

Opening at Studio 44 for the exhibition "Survival of the Fittest" tonight.

Final touch at Studio 44


Inspection Anna Svenssons piece

Visiting Anna Svenssons piece "Kurragömma" at Isis pre school today. Together with Mats and Max it was decided that the piece met with all possible requirements. Thank you once again Anna, and congratulations Isis!

Installation at Studio 44

A good thing about building group exhibition, is meeting a lot of friends and colleagues. Today, among others, Emma-Lina Ericson, Åsa Elieson, Lotte Välimaa Nilsson, Kenneth Pils, Jannike Brantås, Andrea Hvistendahl and so many more.

ÄGD and Studio 44

First out: Leaving the piece "Fritt fall" to the next ÄGD exhibition.
Then: The start of installing our Trial & Error-pieces for the next Studio 44 exhibition.

Photography for 44

Fredrik Andersson is being photographed for the Trial and Error piece at Studio 44 (opening next week). Janna handles the camera, Max and his crocodile inspects.

Press for Åsa Elison in Älta

The local press writes about Åsa Eliesons public art project in Älta. More>>

Anna Svensons piece installed

Anna Svensson installed her piece for Isis pre school today. Great work Anna, really!

Raketas work will be inaugurated

I initiated this project when I worked as an art consultant in Haninge 2011-2012.
I'm so happy that Raketa has managed to run this project over the finish line. Good work!

TA PLATS! ends here

Sims Art + Sound takes TA PLATS! apart after its last show, in Örebro. Bye bye. (Photo: Jim Sims)

"Inauguration-Kit" to 44

The "Inauguration-Kit" piece by Trial and Error (Po Hagström and Janna Holmstedt) will be part of the upcoming exhibition "Survival of the Fittest" at Studio 44, together with a new work that is in the making: "Are You Where You Want to Be (The Evolution of the Self-Made man")

Public art for Älta kulturknut

Åsa Eliesons second performance act, as public art, is being announced.

More time at WIP

I haven't used my studio at WIP for quite some time, but now I'm back - today with a sick son.

Start up for Dynamiten

My first assignment as an art consultant in Botkyrka start to roll. First meeting today about what kind of art we want, were.

Skype with Furuboda

An interesting Skype-meeting with Furuboda about our different ideas for availability / art -projects.

Anna Svensson with her art

Anna Svensson works with the public piece for Isis preschool. (Photo: Anna Svensson)

TA PLATS! - the ending

Today we began the planning of the last part of TA PLATS!
Books, evaluations and a seminar (as it seems).

The project for Skansen grows

Medis 5, FUB, Inuti, Julia Adzkui and so on – I meet with all of them now to get the project at Skansen going. Kerstin from Botkyrka art hall Friday, Händelseriket Monday, and so on.

Åsa Eliesons project is public


TA PLATS! opens in Örebro

TA PLATS! open at Örebro today. (Image: Performing Pictures)

Dark Ecology

Julia Adzukis initiative Dark Ecology takes off with workshops this weekend. Thanks to all involved.

TA PLATS! is installed again

For the last time, TA PLATS! is installed during the touring exhibition. Sims Art and Sound does their thing. (Photo: Johanna Sims)

La Biennale Venezia

A week at La Biennale Venezia with, what, thousands of pieces from 88 nations, all rotating round Il Palazzo Enciclopedico.
Now - back to work. (Images: Berlinde De Bruyckere / Norbert Ghisoland / Meiro Koizumi / Tino Sehgal)

Åsa Elieson to Älta

Åsa Eliesons suggestion for a public art event at Älta kulturknut was accepted by all parties today. An exciting autumn awaits us.

TA PLATS! evolves

We continue to work out the concept for TA PLATS! in Örebro. Thank you Johanna and Anna.

Art trip to Skåne

A few days in Skåne to see friends and art. Both Lund and Malmö turned out to have exciting exhibitions this summer, thank you. Next stop: Venice. (Image: Max watching modernist architecture and Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen)

Anna Svenssons at Isis

Anna Svenssons proposal for public art at Isis pre school is approved today. Inauguration in December.

A day at the office

Working with an art piece for Studio 44's exhibition "Survival of the fittest" in October. Janna and I are invited as Trial and Error, because of our work within the gallery 2005.


A lot of work with Nacka these days. Artists Anna Svensson and Åsa Elieson both prepare for next week when they present suggestions for two very different pieces of public art, at Isis förskola and Älta kulturknut. I also work with adjusting my analysis Kvarnholmen and I prepare for the project at Järla skola.

TA PLATS! to Örebro

Today it was decided that the tenth - and last - touchdown of TA PLATS! as a touring exhibition will be Örebro.
We open in September and brace ourselves for yet another experience.

Art in Gothenburg

After a week in Gothenburg there's been a lot of new art experiences, in the middle of summer-Stockholm. Bruce Nauman, "Love Explosion", Marjetica Potrc at Röda sten etc. Thanks.

Seminar: Availability and culture

Seminar about availability and culture.
First out: Me, about Konst med alla sinnen, Konsthall SE and TA PLATS!
Then: Ylva Rosvall, head of Habiliteringen Gotland, speak about future problems for availability.
Last: Teater Blanca talk about their theater and read poetry.

Art from FUB to Gocart Gallery

Installed three photographs by Mats Melin, Ola Elmquist and Jesper Tottie, all connected to FUB, for todays seminar.

Teater Blanca improvises

Great performance by Niclas Morén when Teater Blanca improvised in the public space at Almedalsveckan.

Philosophical café

Philosopher Tulsa Jansson, representing Svenska Sällskapet för Filosofisk Praxis, organized a philosophical café that followed up on the discussions from the seminar about death.

Public talk about death

The first – and most complicated – seminar in Almedalen this year: A public talk about death in families. We thought that nobody would show up but it was a full house. And for 90 minutes, people shared their experiences without holding back. It was without a doubt the finest seminar I have ever organized.
From Left to right: Me, moderator; Astrid Andersson Wretmark, priest; Margaretha Blomgren, medical doctor; Ann Lagerström, journalist and writer. (Photo: Tulsa Jansson)

Visitors open at Gocart Gallery

The piece "The Visitors" by Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans was installed at Gocart Gallery today.

Petters exhibition installed

Petter Wrigstad, artist at Medis5, had his exhibition "Städer" installed at Almedalsbilioteket today.

- and finnished...


Print for Almedalsveckan


"Fritt fall" in ÄGD in November

ÄGD will continue in Sala, November 2013, and my piece "Fritt fall" will be part of it.

First meeting at Järla skola

There is a reasonable budget for art at Järla skola. We had a first meeting today and will start the work in September, choosing an artist before christmas and have an inauguration summer 2014. Good fun.

Art at Kulingen moves

The solution to move the art by Kerstin Schild at preschool Kulingen has been accepted and the process began today. Thanks everybody.

Kfr Sthlm - lives?

Meeting with Eva Månsson regarding the possible continuation for Konstfrämjandet Stockholm. Should we stay or should we go now? Or maybe just fall asleep...

Älta kulturknut meet the artist

The board for Älta kulturknut met me, Nanna Leth (responsible for public art in Nacka) and artist Åsa Elieson today. Many questions about performance art and good discussions about the possibilities that art has. This will be an exciting autumn.

Dinner befor the summer

Dinner with Nanna and Helene (responsible for public art in Nacka) and Ola (also art consultant) before we take a break this summer.

Almedalsveckan - Almost there

The project plan for TA PLATS! at Almedalsveckan is almost done:

En utställning av Petter Wrigstad

”Bilderna skildra platser som jag har besökt. Några från en resa till Kroatien och Bosnien, en annan från Tyskland och några från Sverige. Vissa bilder är även inspirerade av England under Shakespears tid och av min fantasi.”
Plats: Almedalsbiblioteket
Datum: 1/7 – 7/7

En utställning av Lisa Jeannin & Rolf Schuurmans
The Visitors bestyår av de två filmerna “A tortoise and a traveler” (2009) och “Enlightened Encounter” (2010) är gjorda i stop-motion animation med super-8 och dv och visas efter varandra i en loop. Vi möter en sköldpadda, en resenär och 3 kedjerökande upplysta varelser som sedan reinkarneras till ett flertal mindre varelser. Filmerna utspelar sig på en trädgren, på en frusen sjö, på ett hav av lera och vid en lägereld men kanske i själva verket beskriver inre tillstånd av att vara på resande fot genom livet.
Plats: Galleri Gocart
Datum: 4/7

Ett samtal om erfarenheter, strategier och möjligheter
Alla lever vi med närhet till döden, men vad händer när det blir påtagligt, när döden är här? Om det gäller en anhörig? Oss själva? Våra barn? Hur lever vi med det beskedet, själva och tillsammans med andra?
Margaretha Blomgren, överläkare Enheten för barn- och ungdomsmedicin, Visby
Astrid Andersson Wretmark, sjukhuspräst, Visby församling
Ann Lagerström, journalist och författare
(Moderator: Po Hagström, konstnär och curator)
Plats: Galleri Gocart
Datum: 4/7 - 13:00 – 14:30

Ett filosofi-café som fångar upp ämnen från samtalet ”Att leva med närhet till döden” genom att lotsa oss genom frågor om människan, liv och död. Därefter följer en gemensam reflektion för publiken/café-besökarna med filosof Tulsa Jansson som samtalsledare.
Tulsa Jansson, filosof och författare från Philosophy at Work
Plats: Galleri Gocart
Datum: 4/7 - 15:00 – 16:00

Varför kan inte alla människor i Sverige ta del av och påverka vårt samhälle? Varför accepterar vi den begränsningen när det gäller människor med funktionsnedsättningar? Är inte det odemokratiskt?
Under detta samtal diskuteras de utmaningar som tillgängligheten står för de kommande åren, och vilka möjligheter som finns med konst och kultur.

Ylva Rosvall, enhetschef Habiliteringen i Visby
Teater Blanca från Uppsala: Magnus Dahlerus och Nilkas Morén berättar och ger smakprov på uppläsningar och teater.
Po Hagström, konstnär och curator för TA PLATS! berättar om konstprojekt och tillgänglighet.
Plats: Galleri Gocart
Datum: 5/7 - 14:00 – 15:00

Foton av Mats Melin, Ola Elmquist och Jesper Tottie
Enligt en gammal buddistisk myt sänder gudarna tre apor till jorden för att speja och vara speciella observatörer. Aporna valde att inte se, inte öra och inte tala, för att gudarna skulle vara förlåtande mot jordens varelser. I väst har man oftast tolkat myten som underlåtenhet att berätta om orättvisor eller missförhållanden.
Vi väljer att inte göra som aporna utan sätter ett litet frågetecken efter ”Inte se, inte höra, inte säga”. Iaktta eller inkludera? Hur gör du?

Plats: Galleri Gocart
Datum: 5/7

Kulturlyftet - The end

Signing the participants certificates. The very last part of Kulturlyftet.

Final meeting before summer

KC Öst meet one last time before closing down for the summer. In Bo's beautiful garden.

Visiting Wanås sculpure park

Visiting Wanås sculpture park, a lot better than I thought!

Meeting at Skansen

Kerstin from Botkyrka konsthall, Anneli from Inuti, Mats and Lene from Medis5 comes to Skansen to meet Charlotte and me. Great weather and great company when we talked about my ideas for a new project. Thank you guys.

Print is here

My course at Kulturlyftet and my project TA PLATS! moves together in this information print about culture and availability.


Almedalsveckan moves down

Bloody hell! Is there anything about Almedalsveckan that can't go wrong?!
This is torture...

Performance as public art

Älta kulturknut chose an artist to work with their young visitors this fall, in a public art project. They chose performance artist Åsa Elieson and we met this evening to go through documents and formalia. At Mood, of course ;-)

Lasse & Heikki's flexible art

Lasse och Heikki have started Danderyd art hall and are now developing a new system for flexible art. We had a meeting with them (as representatives for KC Öst) and they explained to us how their system would work.

Nacka this week #3

Today it was decided upon that Åsa Elieson will get the commission for public art at Älta kulturknut. It was a really tough competition with other great artists on the table, but we are all really excited about the opportunity to work with performance art on the public art scene.

Nacka this week #2

Isis pre school and artist Anna Svensson met today and they agreed that Anna shall create the art for their outdoor space.

Nacka this week #1

A lot of Nacka this week. Today:
- Meeting with Nanna Leth, responsible for public art.
- Planning the future for three tigers by Issef.
- First contact regarding the new art project at Järla school.
- Preparations for artist meeting at Isis preschool tomorrow.
- A great meeting with Helene Burmeister and Bastian Vreede regarding Kvarnholmen.

This place need some art!

The work group at Isis preschool met with me today to choose an artist to work with this place.

Meeting with Inuti and Medis5

A great meeting with Inuti and Medis5 regarding how their artists could work as mentors in my upcoming project.

Public art 2012 in Nacka

This morning started with a selected presentation of public art in Nacka 2012. Hans Peterson (on stage), Hanna Stahle and I (presenting Lina Perssons project at Sickla skola) took turns at Nacka kommunhus.

- and back from Paris

  • After a week in Paris, what kind of art experiences do I have?
  • Mike Kelley at Le Centre Pompidou was really good. Then of course some really great street art, some old sculptures in catacombes and so on. And we met up with Julia Adzuki and Patrick Dallard with their project Symbiolab at Wanderlust.


  • Off to Paris for a full week of good food and art.

Studio 44 turns 10 years old

  • Studio 44 turns 10 years old 2013. They are now gathering previous projects for their anniversary and contacted me and Janna because of our effort to formalize the gallery in 2006. Lets see if Trial and Error can find a way to participate at Studio 44 again?

Cia to Valand

  • Cia got a well deserved place at Valand art academy.
  • Ok, I was not involved in her applications, I was only a mentor through Innovativ kultur, but that doesn't make me any less happy! :-)

Almedalsveckan takes shape

  • Working all day with Almedalsveckan. Amazing how many things can both work out - and not...

Different projects in Nacka this week

These last days we have discussed several projects in Nacka:
  • What kind of art do we need at Isis pre school? Reasoning led us to a certain focus and we will probably choose an artist May 17, to work with their outdoor environment.
  • Älta kulturknut has limited time now to include their children (80% of all visitors) in an art project. Perhaps we will choose an artist May 23?
  • Budget for the prestigious art project at Kvarnholmen. Sketch is done, lets evaluate it!
  • Kulingen pre school need to reorganize their spaces. What about the art they've got?

Finishing layout for Kulturlyftet-print

This is a collaboration between Kulturlyftet and TA PLATS!, with information on culture and availability.
Layout by me and Emma-Lina Ericson, cover image by Geska Helena Brecevic from Performing Pictures.
Soon to be printed.

Two meetings in Nacka

One meeting on how to remove an art piece in a pre school that has outgrown its former use,
One meeting on how to install an art piece in a pre school that has just opened up.
See how these things work...

The continuation of ÄGD

Decided today that I ail not be involved with the touring of ÄGD, "only" with the curation of the exhibition.
Feels good.

ÄGD on the radio

Visiting Kungsbacka konsthall

A full day in Kungsbacka where I discussed availability and art during the full day.
Thank you Charlotta for an exciting day.

Texts for Nacka

Preparing a print regarding public art in Nacka 2012, and my texts about Lina Persson and Amalia Årfelt are approved by all involved.

Discussions regarding Almedalsveckan

Meting with JAG and Medis 5 regarding this summers activities at Almedalsveckan.

First project as art consultant in Botkyrka

I begin planning the art for "Dynamiten" - The Dynamite - as my first job as an art consultant in Botkyrka.

Artist talk at Ägd

Artist talk the last day at ÄGD, led by Rikard Fårheaus. I present my piece Fritt fall.

The art project at Älta kulturhus--- lives

New meeting with new person-in-charge.


TA PLATS at Kungsbacka konsthall:

KC Öst annual meeting

Annual meeting at KC Öst (where I am a member of the board). This picture captures how we thank the former CO Astrid Bäckström. Tonight we also welcomed the new CO Lotte Sederholm.

Opening TA PLATS!

TA PLATS! opens today at Kungsbacka art hall.

A new project at Isis

We are starting a new project in Nacka, for walls in Isis pre school. We had our first meeting today.

Seminar ÄGD #1

I organized a seminar at Studio 44 tonight as a part of ÄGD.
18:00 - introduction by me as a moderator
18:05 - Christina Göthesson who initiated ÄGD talked about the project.
18:15 - Annika Enqvist from The New Beauty Council talks about how a city is formulated.
18:30 - Rebecka Lettevall from Södertörns högskola on the term ”Hembygd”.
18:45 - Dennis Dahlqvist talks about crafts and local identity
19:00 - Open discussion.
19:45 - Kristoffer Svenberg from The New Beauty Council present the project Mallrats Stockholm.

The press at Kungsbacka

TA PLATS! at Kungsbacka konsthall is exposed to the press.

Meeting KC Öst

KC Öst meeting where we prepare the annual meeting next week.
We celebrate that we have a member responsible for the economy and we find a new CO.
Need I say that we found both thanks to me :-)


TA PLATS! formulates this years Almedalsveckan today, with Konstfrämjandet, Medis5 and FUB.

Meeting Skansen

After more than a year, my project idea is developing at Skansen.
Charlotte Ahnlund Berg introduces me to the head of Skansen John Brattmyhr

TA PLATS! installation

Sims begin the installation of TA PLATS! at Kungsbacka konsthall.

Seminar #1 for ÄGD is set


Opening ÄGD at Studio 44


ÄGD opens at Studio 44. I am co curator and participate with the piece Fritt fall.

Installing my piece at ÄGD

My image and text -piece Fritt fall for ÄGD was installed today.

Meeting with Medis5 and FUB

A program for Almedalsveckan within TA PLATS! is taking shape, with FUB and Medis 5.

We start building ÄGD at Studio 44


A full week of building ÄGD at Studio 44 begins today.

Meeting ÄGD at Studio 44

The final meeting with all the participants in ÄGD before the installation.

Johan Thurfjell to Haninge

My last gig as an art consultant in Haninge: Introducing Johan Thurfjell to a public commission.

Signed contract as art consultant in Botkyrka

Dinner for those participating at Golden You

Such a great evening with those who participated at the Golden You project with Åsa Elieson. Thank you!

Golden You Recruitment Agency

Pasted Graphic 6Pasted Graphic 7Pasted Graphic 8

Opening day Supermarket: Working with Åsa Elieson for KC Öst with the Golden You project. Here with amazing Grant Calder.

Installing "I ravinen" at Supermarket

Pasted Graphic 5

Building at Supermarket with Åsa Elieson

Åsa Elieson and I start building the physical part of KC Öst’s part of 2013 Supermarket.

Pasted Graphic 3
Pasted Graphic 4

Golden You folder delivered


Emma-Lina Ericson at Candyland

Emma-Lina Ericson opened at Candyland today with a great piece. Thank you for good art, friend.
Somewhere, I am mentioned as ”guest curator”

TA PLATS! at Kungsbacka planned

Extensive talk today with the Kungsbacka art hall who will exhibit TA PLATS! in March. Super exciting as they will combine TA PLATS! with a queer festival!

ÄGD 2013 partly finansced

Kulturrådet has decided to (partially) support our idea for ÄGD 2013-2014!

Last (official) meeting as a mentor

Today Cia and I had our last ”official” meeting in the mentors program. Her project Ghettogether is so good and it has been a luxury to be involved.

Interview in Botkyrka

Applied for the job as an art consultant in Botkyrka. Interview today. Result next week.

Art trip to London

Oh, how deserve this – just art and food for a week!

ÄGD at Studio 44

A meeting at Studio 44 where we discussed the contextual concept of the exhibition.

A project for the deaf and blind?

Interesting meeting regarding a future art project for the deaf and blind.

TA PLATS! opens at Dunkers

Pasted Graphic 2

Opening of TA PLATS! at Dunkers kulturhus today!

Planning for Supermarket

KC Öst will be part of Supermarket in February 2013. Åsa Elieson and I plan the event. Watch out!

ÄGD continues

We start planning the ÄGD exhibition at Studio 44 March 2013.

TA PLATS! and Inuti at Almedalsveckan?

A good meeting at Inuti. Hopefully we can work together at Almedalsveckan this summer.

Article in DN forget who is who

Todays article in DN refers to the project ÄGD.

Moderator at WIP

Pasted Graphic 1

TA PLATS! lecture at Jamtli

What kind of an idiot travels by train in Sweden in the winter, if (s)he has an appointment?
I did. And naturally missed my own lecture at Jamtli regarding TA PLATS!
Thank you Geska at Performing Pictures, who did my part plus your own, together with Jacob Dahlgren.

Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans inauguration


Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans inauguration at Höglundaskolan in Haninge.
Thank you again, Lisa and Rolf, for a great collaboration, this time with me as an art consultant.

Walk Talk Pizza


At Pizzeria Stora vikingen, Mariatorget, Stockholm
Event with The New Beauty Council and R a k e t a as part of Power Landscapes.

Inauguration Lina Persson


Inauguration för Lina Perssons work at Sickla skola, Nacka.
Honored to have been the art consultant for this.

Kfr Sthlm prepare for 2013

The last meeting 2012 was focused upon next year.
2013 - lets meet soon!

Kulturlyftet #6

The sixth part of my course at Kulturlyftet, at Moderna museet today:
09-13:00 Maria Taube holds workshop for the participants.

Ok, we were only supposed to work until 12:00, but you know.
And with all the questions and discussions afterwards I guess we were finished around 13:30?
Not so tough when the time is used for interested people. Thank you all participants!!!

Release Power Landscapes catalogue

The first release of the Power Landscape catalogue in Stockholm.
Layout: Fredrik Andersson (Pangea); collaboration Stockholm university and Botkyrka konsthall; Artists Katja Aglert, Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans, The New Beauty Council, Antonio Scarponi, Julia Adzuki and Kultivator. Financed by Stockholm stad.

Moderator for artist talk at Studio 44


Moderator for an artist talk at Studio 44. Here next to Elias Björn from Cirkulationscentralen, in front of art by Penka Mincheva. Why didn’t anybody tell me my hair was formed by my winter hat? (Photo: Lotte Väima-Nilsson)

Green project with Malin Lobell developes

After a very good meeting with Stockholm Business Region Development the green project with Malin Lobell got a new injection. 2013 - here we come.

ÄGD gathering


The participants from ÄGD meet at La Casa for the last time 2012. Thank you Anna-Stina and Christina. (Photo: Po Hagström)

Kulturlyftet #5

The fifth part of my course at Kulturlyftet, at Nationalmuseum, today:
10:00 - 10:45 Jeanette Ragner fram Nationalmuseum introduces and show her work for the deafblind.
10:45 - 11:15
Lecture by Karin Westling at Kulturrådet
11:15 - 12:00 Lecture by Liitta-Leena Karlsson from Stockholm stad

Lecture by Susanne Berg from Independent Living Institute canceled due to illness.

TA PLATS! to Uppsala?

A great meeting with Ateljé Konstnära in Uppsala today. It would be perfect if they run the last TA PLATS! project in November 2013!