Konst med alla sinnen (Art With All Senses)
Curator/ Project leader, 2007 - 2009

This is a project for people with multi disabilities (a combinations of many disabilities). It might be a child who has been born with reduced sight, without hearing and without mobility. Or it can be an adult who has lost the short term memory and several physical functions in an accident. The personnel at Händelseriket (ca. ”Event domain”) explained how society is almost completely closed for this group of people – with the exception for the contemporary art scene.
Contemporary art often stimulate multiple senses at the same time and it can be interactive (two important criteria for multi disabeled) so the personnel tried to find these contemporary exhibitions on their spare time, in order to inform the relatives and assistants of the people with multi disabilities.
We decided that if good information about the art scene can improve the lives of this isolated group, then why not do it.

Project chronology:

2007.01.01 - 2007.04.30 I work with Händelseriket as an art consultant in the project SKISS link >>

2007.09.01 Officiall start of the project.

2007.10.22 Exhibition no. 1: The interactive video piece ”Barn på glid” by Robert Brecevic and Geska Helena Andersson. more >>

2008.01.11 Exhibition no. 2: The interactive ball-installation ”Lek och lögn” by Ola Nilsson. more >> The project is open for the public and the two first art installations are presented, as well as the enviroments of Händelseriket. Administrating hospital director PO Sjöblom inaugurates the project.

2008.02.26 The exhibition ”Barn på glid” ends.

2008.04.18 Exhibition no. 3: The narrative installation ”De finns, men de syns inte direkt” by Lisa Torell. more >> Public opening.

2008.04.20 The exhibition ”Lek och lögn” ends.

2008.05 The ”information tool”-PDF is launched and presented to art institutions in Stockholm.

2008.06.13 The exhibition ”De finns, men de syns inte direkt” ends. The project closes during summer.

2008.07 Artist Matti Kallioinen uses the enviroments at Händelseriket for the art piece ”The Self Destructive Theory”. link >>

2008.08.29 Opening for three new exhibitions: The sound piece ”Shelter” by Jesper Norda more >> and two pieces by Felix Gmelin under the name ”Tango”. One video installation more >> and one piece where wheel chairs can dance tango more>> Public opening.

2008.09.25 Mario Ellwanger and her students from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås visits the project.

2008.11.25 Visiting Mario Ellwanger at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås. link >>

2009.02.06 Exhibition no. 7: MusicalFieldsForever test their interactive installation ”Orfi” during two week ends, together with the personnel and groups of people with multi disabilities.

2009.04.27 Presenting Konst med alla sinnen at an availability seminar at the Nordic Museum.

2009.05.12 Presenting Konst med alla sinnen at a Landstinget education day.

2009.06 The project closes for the summer.

2009.08.31 The project ”Konst med alla sinnen” officially ends.

2009.09.01 The project ”TA PLATS!” starts, as a direct result of ”Konst med alla sinnen”, with me as curator.

2009.10 FUB beginns the visits to the larger art institutions of Stockholm together with people with multi disabilities.

2009.11 Exhibition no. 8: Inauguration of ”the Laughing Sculpture”, a collaboration with the Stockholm Music Museum. link >>

2010.01 ”Shelter #2” A three day workshop for the personnel at Händelseriket.

2010.03 - 2010.06 The project TA PLATS! at Kulturhuset in Stockholm link >> The project is run by Konstfrämjandet link >> Independent Living Institute link >> and FUB link >>

2011.08 TA PLATS! starts touring in Sweden.


Konst med alla sinnen was run by Händelseriket, Konstfrämjandet Stockholms län and FUB.It was financed by Kulturrådet, Stockholm Stad and Landstinget