14 - 16 June 2011

The NESS-conference at Stockholm University

The biennial NESS Conference (Nordic Environmental Social Science) invites researchers from a range of different disciplines within the social sciences and humanities to share ideas and experiences from research on environmental and climate topics.
The 10th conference at Stockholm university had the title Power Landscapes and also sparked off an art project. The aim was double: To contribute to the conference by infiltrating it with art that explores the same topics as NESS, but with different means. Secondly, to use the content of the conference to enrich the art projects.

The NESS organizer Linda Soneryd and curator Po Hagström decided to invite artists who work in processes:
Katja Aglert presented her extensive research on light pollution with a new piece. Antonio Scarponi had his first prototype of Malthus built and tested. The New Beauty Council collaborated with Tillväxt to start a new project with the goal to erect a forest garden at the Stockholm university campus.
The artists
Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans was given the commission to dig into the NESS material and use it for a new art piece for Phase 2.

Read more about the
History of NESS and the Power Landscapes workshops.

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(Photo: Ulf Lundin)

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(Photo: Ulf Lundin)

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