Minnen med mamma
(Memories With My Mother)

Three removable drawings on a magnetic frame, 50 x 109 cm
2023 (ongoing)


My mother died in 1995. I have spent a lot of time these last years remembering her, also in order to mourn her.
But how do one remember details of someone who died so long ago? How do one organize memories, to allow new memories to show up? It wasn't as easy as I thought. I roamed through old photos, got a method from my Love, and I started seeing a psychologist. But it was still difficult work.

Then I had this dream:
I dreamt that a couple registered their mutual life by writing experiences on a map. And when I woke up I thought "I can use that". So I made three drawings - one of the village where I grew up, one of the farm and one of the house. And then I started to note my memories of my mother. And it actually helped me.

This is an ongoing work. I choose to share it.