QBL 2000

Action in form om a journey, presented in exhibitions, in lectures, on the internet and in a video.
Collaboration with Janna Holmstedt

The qabalah is a Jewish mysticism and is summarized in the so called The Tree of Life, a system of ten connected spheres. Read from top to bottom one can read the creation of the world, from te divine inspiration to our physical existence. And read from bottom to top, one see our path to the divine. Therefore The Tree of Life is said to include everything there is to know about the world.

Now, if
The Tree of Life contain all the information there is about the world, it ought to be the perfect traveling guide. Janna Holmstedt and I studied the qabalah for six months in year 2000. We then placed The Tree of Life on a map of Europe and traveled to the ten places during three months. On each place we established an office and examined the place according to the key phrases of the qabalah. On each place this resulted in an action or an art work which after the journey was compiled into a presentation of the expedition.