Po is born 1973 and is primariy based in Stockholm, Sweden. As an artist he work narratively with images, text and as a curator. Several of his recent projects has focused on public art, democracy of public space and how our positions may alter depending on our enviroment and perception. Po is part of the art duo Trial and Error together with artist Janna Holmstedt. He also work as an art consultant and as a teacher.


Po Hagström
Mail: pohagstrom[at]gmail.com
Cell-phone: +46 (0)70-556 36 79
Skype: PoHagstrom
Bjursätragatan 134, 124 64 Bandhagen, Sweden
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- Project leader / curator for the exhibition- and seminar project at Kulturhuset, Stockholm. 2009 - 2010.
Östersunds konstskola - Teacher with focus on public art, Östersund. 2009 -. link>>
Haninge kommun
- Assignement as an art consultant for (public) art in Haninge. 2008 -.
Konsthall C
- Part of the programme group at the artist run art hall Konsthall C, Stockholm. 2008 -. link >>
Konstfrämjandet Stockholm
- Vice chairman at Konsträmjandet Stockholm. 2009 -.
Konst med alla sinnen
- Project leader / curator for two year art pilot project, Rosenlund, Stockholm. 2007 - 2009. link >>
Information tool
- Development of a tool for art institutions, to reach / inform people with disabilities. 2008.
Point of View
- Writer at artist run web blog. 2007 - 2008. link >>
Nyckelviksskolan - Workshop ”Älskar, älskar inte” with Janna Holmstedt, Stockholm. 2008.
K+ - Web design with Janna Holmstedt. 2008.
Rosenlund - Hospital enviroment solutions with Stefan Forss, Rosenlund, Stockholm. 2008.
- Guest professor at Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad nacional, San Juan, Argentina. 2007. more>>
Studio 44 Responisble for exhibitions, initiator of the international program. 2007. link >>
Studio 44 - Member of the board at the artist run gallery Studio 44, Stockholm. 2005 - 2007. link >>
SKISS - Employed by Konstfrämjandet Riks as artist in the pilot project SKISS. (2006 - 2007). link >>
SKISS - Web design with Janna Holmstedt. 2007. link >>
Nacka kommun - Lectures about artist books for teachers and students. 2007.


2009 Fonden för Innovativ kultur: Project ”Konsthall SE”
2008 Stockholm Landsting: Project ”Konsthall SE”
2008 Kulturrådet: Project ”Konst med alla sinnen”
2008 Stockholm stad: Project ”Konsthall SE”
2008 Stockholms Landsting: Project ”Konst med alla sinnen”
2007 Stockholm stad: Project ”Konst med alla sinnen”
2007 Helge Ax:son Johnssons stipendiefond: Project ”Alicanto”
2007 Kulturrådet: Project ”Konst med alla sinnen”
2005 Helge Ax:son Johnssons stipendiefond: Project ”Trial and Error”
2004 J. C. Kempes Stipendiefond: Work ”Fotoalbum”
2003 J. C. Kempes Stipendiefond: Project ”Min skattkammare”

2008 Apotekets konstförening
2008 Stockholms landsting
2007 Rhizome.org ArtBase, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York
2007 Nacka kommun
2007 Statens konstråd

Umeå School of Contemporary Art: Master of Fine Arts (220 p.). 1999-2004
Gerlesborgskolan: Preparation art school. 1997-1999
Ölands konstskola: Preparation art school.1996-1997

University of Gothenburg: Practical philosophy, Aestethics (5 p.). 1995
University of Gothenburg: History of Art (40 p.). 1994-1995


Monument for the Masses
(collaboration with Janna Holmstedt (Trial and Error)) >> www.trialerror.org
Park for un/wanted sculptures (collaboration with Janna Holmstedt) >> www.trialerror.org/Park/un-wanted.html
Konst med alla sinnen >> www.KMAS.se
Konsthall C >> www.KonsthallC.se
Alla hjältar >> www.allahjaltar.se
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