2009-05-22 Dig it, Hordaland kunstsenter. (text) more>>
2009-07-01 Publishing the project Alla hjältar with A. K. Westin. (art work) link>>
2009-08-27 Inauguration of the new library bus in Haninge with artwork by Kristoffer Zetterstrand. (curatorial) link>>
2009-08-29 Konsthall SE opening at Konsthall C in Stockholm. (curatorial) more>>
2009-08-31 The project Konst med alla sinnen will end after two years. (curatorial) link>>
2009-09-01 Official start for the project TA PLATS!. (curatorial)
2009-09-10 Exhibition Ett annat perspektiv for young artists with sight disabilities, part of Konsthall SE. (curatorial) more>>
2009-09-15 Start for a new art project at Jordbro parklek, Haninge. (curatorial)
2009 October Release of Sagoland, colaboration with Lisa Jonasson for satumaa*kustantamo. (art work) link>>
2009 October Skrattande skulpturen, collaboration with Stockholm Music Museum. (curatorial)
2009-10-10 / 2009-10-11 Perception, konst och rum seminar at ABF in Stockholm, part of Konsthall SE. (curatorial)
2009 November Teaching at Östersund art school. link>>
2010 January Shelter #2, workshop by Jesper Norda at Rosenlund. (curatorial)
2010 March Project TA PLATS! at Kulturhuset in Stockholm opening. (curatorial)