Opening ÄGD in Huddinge

Opening of ÄGD at Fullersta gård in Huddinge today. I participated with the piece "Fritt fall".

ÄGD continues

My piece Fritt fall aill keep traveling with ÄGD. Opening at Fullersta konsthall 13 Sept.

ÄGD opening in Sala

ÄGD opens in Sala today. Participating with my piece Fritt fall

ÄGD and Studio 44

First out: Leaving the piece "Fritt fall" to the next ÄGD exhibition.
Then: The start of installing our Trial & Error-pieces for the next Studio 44 exhibition.

"Fritt fall" in ÄGD in November

ÄGD will continue in Sala, November 2013, and my piece "Fritt fall" will be part of it.

The continuation of ÄGD

Decided today that I ail not be involved with the touring of ÄGD, "only" with the curation of the exhibition.
Feels good.

ÄGD on the radio

Artist talk at Ägd

Artist talk the last day at ÄGD, led by Rikard Fårheaus. I present my piece Fritt fall.

Seminar ÄGD #1

I organized a seminar at Studio 44 tonight as a part of ÄGD.
18:00 - introduction by me as a moderator
18:05 - Christina Göthesson who initiated ÄGD talked about the project.
18:15 - Annika Enqvist from The New Beauty Council talks about how a city is formulated.
18:30 - Rebecka Lettevall from Södertörns högskola on the term ”Hembygd”.
18:45 - Dennis Dahlqvist talks about crafts and local identity
19:00 - Open discussion.
19:45 - Kristoffer Svenberg from The New Beauty Council present the project Mallrats Stockholm.

Seminar #1 for ÄGD is set


Opening ÄGD at Studio 44


ÄGD opens at Studio 44. I am co curator and participate with the piece Fritt fall.

Installing my piece at ÄGD

My image and text -piece Fritt fall for ÄGD was installed today.

We start building ÄGD at Studio 44


A full week of building ÄGD at Studio 44 begins today.

Meeting ÄGD at Studio 44

The final meeting with all the participants in ÄGD before the installation.

ÄGD 2013 partly finansced

Kulturrådet has decided to (partially) support our idea for ÄGD 2013-2014!

ÄGD at Studio 44

A meeting at Studio 44 where we discussed the contextual concept of the exhibition.

ÄGD continues

We start planning the ÄGD exhibition at Studio 44 March 2013.

Article in DN forget who is who

Todays article in DN refers to the project ÄGD.

ÄGD gathering


The participants from ÄGD meet at La Casa for the last time 2012. Thank you Anna-Stina and Christina. (Photo: Po Hagström)

ÄGD presentation at Länsmuseet

As a part of ÄGD I delivered my idea of culture and local history today at Länsmuseet. Länsmuseet will work with this theme 2016 and it sounds really exciting.

Artist talk at ÄGD


On the last day of ÄGD at Lerkrogen I held an open artist talk. I also held a sad son in my arms, but nobody seemed to mind. (Photo: Mari Kretz)

ÄGD opening


Opening ÄGD at Lerkrogen, Stockholm. (Photo:Po Hagström)
I participate with the image- and text piece ”I ravinen” (In the Ravine) more>>

The artists of ÄGD gathers


The first meeting with the artists in ÄGD. Super-cool crowd in an old strange environment... (Photo:Po Hagström)

More part of ÄGD

I have been offered a producing part in the project ÄGD. Looking forward to this (im?)possible revitalization of Swedish national historical movement.

Part of ÄGD

I will participate with an art piece at ÄGD in Älvsjö, October 2012.