Studio time Jämtland

Found time for myself in Jämtland, again. Drawing and painting this time, together with the memories.

Drawing framed

Nice frame work for this drawing. MORE

Fakulteten infiltrates Kulturhuset

My project Fakulteten installed the project Objects in the storage boxes at Kulturhuset in Stockholm today. I included my sculpture In the Ravine.


Acrylic on pvc, 59x59 cm.
Larger images

Lecture: Mina drömmar i min konst

Held a lecture at a Inuti project on dreams today. MORE LECTURES

Time in Studio Jämtland

Good work in cold Jämtland a few days.

Nya flaggor -exhibition prolonged

Dieselverkstaden offered us to extend our exhibition "Nya flaggor" today.
You can see it until August. Welcome :-)


Opening for the flag-project in Dieselverkstaden today, by the participants och Fakulteten.
My art MORE / The exhibition LINK

A new flag in Enskede

We have worked with flags in Fakulteten, and this weekend we display them where we live. Exhibition at Dieselverkstaden 3/6.
My flag "210313" is in my balcony in Enskede. MORE

Time in Studio Jämtland

Studio time in Jämtland, marked with a flag designed by my children and made in Fakulteten.

New drawing

"Pappa förlorar synen" – a new drawing based on my diary notes on how the life of my father changed when he lost his sight.
LARGER image. Part of my ongoing Pathos

Discover an old artist book

When we visit Botkyrka art hall today, I discovered my old piece A Concise History of the Universe in their archive.
Lunch on Mandana Moghaddams public art before the exhibition by Cecilia Germain.

Vaktaren part of the exhibition Alla hjältar

My workshop piece Vaktaren is part of the exhibition Alla hjältar. MORE

Studio Jämtland-time

Back in Studio Jämtland. (Less crowds than Stockholm.)

Traces in frost in "Our traces"

Visiting the church yard in Lit, finding that the benches in Våra spår are being used. MORE

Collaboration with hugo

Collaboration with Hugo for the kitchen wall, in Studio Jämtland.

Monster/Hero workshop

Children workshop today, building a protective hero / a Halloween monster, in Jämtland. MORE

New drawing

Working on a new drawing, part of the ongoing work Patetik

Mentoring in the Fakulteten project

Discussing different techniques and methods with artist at Medis 5 today, as part of Fakulteten.

Inauguration Våra spår

Våra spår inaugurated today, with a ceremony in cold weather. MORE

A hero collaboration

All the participants in Fakulteten has worked with heroic alter egos during the summer. I worked with my children to gather things at Brogård, to assemble this character. MORE

A new flag

We finally made a new flag for Brogård. A collaborative process and part of project Fakulteten.

Våra spår

My project Våra spår in Jämtland is mostly installed. It might never be finished, but it is prepared for inauguration. MORE

Studio Jämtland

Preparing work space at Brogård for an upcoming mission in Fakulteten.

The book Alla hjältar postponed

The Alma löv exhibition are drastically reduced this year, due to covid-19. AK Westin and I have decided to postpone the book Alla hjältar until next summer.

Book on participants at Galleri SE

Konsthall SE in Falun has made a great book, presenting their exhibition history. I made my Collision Frequency Increased exhibition there, and they chose my piece Your Heart is a Muscle for their book.

Studio Jämtland


The colaborative comic moves on

The project Alla hjältar, together with A.K. Westin moves on. Possible release at Alma Löv this summer.

"Våra spår" installed

We have worked a full year collecting the thoughts of children in Lit, regarding what we leave behind when we die.
The benches are now installed (although - just now - in opposite places). Inauguration spring 2020. MORE

Alla hjältar 2019

A K Westin visiting Stockholm to finish our old project Alla hjältar. Publication summer 2020.

Inauguration for "Våra spår" is coming up

Jens and Susanne – who usually engrave the tombstones for Lits church yard – are finishing the images and texts for Våra spår. Inauguration late October.

"Våra spår" etchings being prepared

Celebrating my birthday by visiting Jens who will etch the slates in the art project Våra spår.

Benches for "Våra spår"

The benches are cast by "Murarn" for the art project in Jämtland.

Våra spår to the next level


Studiotime Jämtland


Alla hjältar 11 years later

A.K. Westin has contacted me about our project Alla hjältar from 2008.
Should we make a presentation next year? Hmm…

All books...

I have med it easier to take part of my work regarding my own reading. Welcome HERE

Work in Jämtland

Different kinds of work in Jämtland.

Article about "Våra spår"


New drawing: "Tide"


Last day of Mittsalongen

1 500 visitors later – today is the last day of Mittsalongen in Östersund.
I participated with Pyrocumulus.

Hundred meters doodle?


Theme day about life and death

Arranging a full day theme day regarding life and death for children age 13 to 15 in Lit, as part of the precept Våra spår.

Part of Mittsalongen

I'm part of the first large exhibition Mittsalongen in Östersund with Pyrocumulus.

More work in Jämtland

A number of meetings I Jämtland and the project Våra spår takes shape.

Keep writing a book from all books

I keep writing a book – ONE book – from all the boks I have ever read, in chronological order. MORE

Editorial work on childrens images

Editorial time with childrens material on death and the traces that we leave behind.

Raw materials for new light trees


Studio days

Different works that examens the pathetic.

Unga brobyggare formulated

After many long months – the project "Unga brobyggare" is finally formulated and an application has been sent.
Thank you Malin, Stefan, Berit and Gerd. Lets cross fingers for three intensive years in Jämtland!

Sketch presentation

First: Preparing my suggestion for future art at the church yards in Lit and Häggenås with some soup. Then: Visiting the church yard in Häggenås. Finally: Presenting my sketches for the church board and being approved. Inauguration phase one 2019.

Measures from the churchyard in Lit

Today was not the easiest day to measure the future engravings at the churchyard in Lit.

Work in Jämtland

Meeting the winter in Jämtland this year, during different kinds of work.

Autumn in Jämtland

Meeting this autumn in Jämtland, where two art projects comes to life.

The church yard projects has a Go

The church council of Lit and Häggenås has today decided that our public project with children will be implemented.

Gnarly trees for church yards

Searching and finding the gnarly trees in Jämtland.

Stone and engravings

Researching local slate and engravings in Jämtland.

Welcome to a new studio

My new studio in Jämtland.

Planning stone works

"Look into my eyes"

New locations in Jämtland

Visiting different locations for new projects in Jämtland.

Model Nr 2


Sketcing old style

Thinking with my hands today. Let's see what it results in.

Art, children and graveyards

A big leap for a new project for two church yards in Jämtland. This church is so brave.
It don't fear hard qouestions and really believe in childrens world view.

Bridge and art project is growing in Lit

Intense days in Lit, working on our new massive project. Prepare for winter 2018!

Possible project in Jämtland

Today, I was invited to one of the finest projects ever as an artist.
Lets hope it can be realized.

Things wont stay still in Jämtland

Things are either falling apart – or building momentum – in Lit, Jämtland. A few days of cracked roofs and great project ideas.

Längmanska kulturfonden & Det andra

The foundation Längmanska kulturfonden will partly finance the project Det andra.

Good bye WIP:sthlm

After seven (!?) years at WIP:sthlm, this is it. I'm leaving my studio that has been the epicenter for so much work.
Yet - I'll stay on the board (though that probably won't be a comfort to my kids who has grown up in the studio).

Planning at Rönnells

Planning the work with Sagoland together with Mari Kretz at Rönnells.

Work in progress at WIP

Showing my piece HJÄRTAT ÄR EN MUSKEL (Pulsen är en nedräkning), see MORE

Wow - some weeks

Kännbart is traveling to Rättvik, we enroll some new "förstärkare"; I build a new piece with Mari Kretz for Satsuma Kustantamo, two public art projects in Botkyrka – with Linda Shamma and Linda Bäckström – are on its way to realization, Roland Perssons public piece in Nacka is soon inaugurated, the art competition for Nackasalen, between Lisa Jeannin + Rolf Schuurmans and Fredrika Linder is soon decided, a new project in Nacka starts, I start a project with Linda Shamma, KC Öst is starting up, WIP:sthlm has new projects, and great meetings at SU and with Osynlig utställning. To mention but a few :-)


Working on the piece Sagoland together with Mari Kretz.

Work in Jämtland

Maybe the last time I work at Brogård for a long time.


A new start for the publishing company Satuuma kustantamo. Marja-Leena Sillanpää has invited me and artist Mari Kretz to make a new piece together - Sagoland.

To Jämtland

Different kinds of work in Jämtland for a few days.

Part of Glänta magazine

A new number of Glänta is released.
Part of my project Collision Frequency Increased is in it.

De andra - exhibition

De andra is part of Konstgödnings event at Storsjöteatern, Östersund.



De andra with Konstgödning

Program for Konstgödning 11 - 12 Sept is officiall.


Planning for Konstgödning

Konstgödning will have a seminar and exhibition in September. Planning today at Storsjöteatern in Östersund.

Public art in Lit?

Looking for a good place for public art in Lit, as part of De andra.

De andra at Brogård

A week at Brogård, searching for the others, De andra.

Dummy for De andra ("The Others") as part of Litsboken is on its way.

The painting "Spot" is completed

The painting of champion dog Spot is finished and of to framing.

A web page for De andra (The Others) are up and running:

Studio time

(Photo: Max)

Work in Jämtland

Max and Hugo helping out.

Great meeting with Bodil and Stina today, regarding my art project De andra, part of Konstgödning.

Konstgödning in Stockholm

Working on the September concept for Konstgödning, with Kajsa Willemark and Vanja Steinholtz.

Moving back into my studio

Moving back into my studio at WIP! (Max helps out)

De andra leap forward

After some time without development for my project "The others", I finally talked to Bertil and Bodil today, and they gave me a lot of new energy - and some material about "the others", such as this article from January 2015 Link>>

First meeting: Konstgödning

First meeting for Konstgödning, in Östersund. Lots of energy!

Konstgödning press


All work and no play -

- makes me a happy guy.
  • Kännbart is evolving already and we talk to interested institutions in Sweden even before we have the artists.
  • Berättelser i en väska is triggering the interest of several institutions in Stockholm.
  • Konstgödning in Jämtland, in which I am a part, has a new web page link>>

"De andra"

My suggestion for a collaborative project in Jämtland was accepted today. De andra (The others) is part of Konstgödning.

Studio with Malin, Sam and Hugo

Talking about the goblins and spirits in Jämtland, hoping for an upcoming project. Malin Nord, Sam and Hugo.

Opening ÄGD in Huddinge

Opening of ÄGD at Fullersta gård in Huddinge today. I participated with the piece "Fritt fall".

Kfr - annual report

As usual fun to open Konstfrämjandets annual report - as my / Kfr Sthlm's projects represent almost 50% of the images ;-)

All books are one book

My work on writing one single book, from all the books I have read, continues. One sentence from each book, in chronological order. Todays work:
Skärmavbild 2014-07-07 kl. 10.45.11

Primordial Soup

This digital print, made for 1075 and counting 2007, has been called for today. "Do you have more art of that kind?" I don't know but will start thinking.

Hugo working

Second son at work. First meeting at Violen in Botkyrka with head of the pre school Susanne and with artist Arijana Kajfes. Then studio time.

ÖP article about grant

From ÖP link>>

Grant in Jämtland

Getting the Karin Engelfeldt grant in Jämtland, and giving mini lecture. With Max as usual. (Photo: Eva Herdin)

Jämtland grant

Karin Engelfeldts minnesfond in Jämtland announced that I received their grant 2014. Not a lot of money but some glory April 27.

ÄGD continues

My piece Fritt fall aill keep traveling with ÄGD. Opening at Fullersta konsthall 13 Sept.

Futurado starting

First meeting for Futurado at Candyland. Great energy!

"Survival of te Fittest" ends

Exhibition at Studio 44 ends. "The Evolution of the Self-Made Man" and "Inauguration-kit" packed down.

ÄGD opening in Sala

ÄGD opens in Sala today. Participating with my piece Fritt fall

Opening "Survival of the Fittest"

Opening at Studio 44 for the exhibition "Survival of the Fittest" tonight.

Final touch at Studio 44


Installation at Studio 44

A good thing about building group exhibition, is meeting a lot of friends and colleagues. Today, among others, Emma-Lina Ericson, Åsa Elieson, Lotte Välimaa Nilsson, Kenneth Pils, Jannike Brantås, Andrea Hvistendahl and so many more.

ÄGD and Studio 44

First out: Leaving the piece "Fritt fall" to the next ÄGD exhibition.
Then: The start of installing our Trial & Error-pieces for the next Studio 44 exhibition.

Photography for 44

Fredrik Andersson is being photographed for the Trial and Error piece at Studio 44 (opening next week). Janna handles the camera, Max and his crocodile inspects.

"Inauguration-Kit" to 44

The "Inauguration-Kit" piece by Trial and Error (Po Hagström and Janna Holmstedt) will be part of the upcoming exhibition "Survival of the Fittest" at Studio 44, together with a new work that is in the making: "Are You Where You Want to Be (The Evolution of the Self-Made man")

Dark Ecology

Julia Adzukis initiative Dark Ecology takes off with workshops this weekend. Thanks to all involved.

A day at the office

Working with an art piece for Studio 44's exhibition "Survival of the fittest" in October. Janna and I are invited as Trial and Error, because of our work within the gallery 2005.

"Fritt fall" in ÄGD in November

ÄGD will continue in Sala, November 2013, and my piece "Fritt fall" will be part of it.

Studio 44 turns 10 years old

  • Studio 44 turns 10 years old 2013. They are now gathering previous projects for their anniversary and contacted me and Janna because of our effort to formalize the gallery in 2006. Lets see if Trial and Error can find a way to participate at Studio 44 again?

The continuation of ÄGD

Decided today that I ail not be involved with the touring of ÄGD, "only" with the curation of the exhibition.
Feels good.

ÄGD on the radio

Artist talk at Ägd

Artist talk the last day at ÄGD, led by Rikard Fårheaus. I present my piece Fritt fall.

Opening ÄGD at Studio 44


ÄGD opens at Studio 44. I am co curator and participate with the piece Fritt fall.

Installing my piece at ÄGD

My image and text -piece Fritt fall for ÄGD was installed today.

We start building ÄGD at Studio 44


A full week of building ÄGD at Studio 44 begins today.

Meeting ÄGD at Studio 44

The final meeting with all the participants in ÄGD before the installation.

Golden You Recruitment Agency

Pasted Graphic 6Pasted Graphic 7Pasted Graphic 8

Opening day Supermarket: Working with Åsa Elieson for KC Öst with the Golden You project. Here with amazing Grant Calder.

Installing "I ravinen" at Supermarket

Pasted Graphic 5

Building at Supermarket with Åsa Elieson

Åsa Elieson and I start building the physical part of KC Öst’s part of 2013 Supermarket.

Pasted Graphic 3
Pasted Graphic 4

Golden You folder delivered


Planning for Supermarket

KC Öst will be part of Supermarket in February 2013. Åsa Elieson and I plan the event. Watch out!

ÄGD continues

We start planning the ÄGD exhibition at Studio 44 March 2013.

Walk Talk Pizza


At Pizzeria Stora vikingen, Mariatorget, Stockholm
Event with The New Beauty Council and R a k e t a as part of Power Landscapes.

Green project with Malin Lobell developes

After a very good meeting with Stockholm Business Region Development the green project with Malin Lobell got a new injection. 2013 - here we come.

ÄGD gathering


The participants from ÄGD meet at La Casa for the last time 2012. Thank you Anna-Stina and Christina. (Photo: Po Hagström)

Meeting with Raketa and NBC

In December the Planet Blue project will result in a public event in Stockholm, together with Raketa and The New Beauty Council.
Tonights meeting made a few things clearer, and opened up a lot of possibilities.
Looking forward to this.

ÄGD opening


Opening ÄGD at Lerkrogen, Stockholm. (Photo:Po Hagström)
I participate with the image- and text piece ”I ravinen” (In the Ravine) more>>

The artists of ÄGD gathers


The first meeting with the artists in ÄGD. Super-cool crowd in an old strange environment... (Photo:Po Hagström)

Part of ÄGD

I will participate with an art piece at ÄGD in Älvsjö, October 2012.

Reviews Collision Frequency Increased

Got two reviews mailed to me today from Galleri SE. More>>

Opening Collision Frequency Increased


Collision Frequency Increased opening at Galleri SE. (Photo: A-K Westin)



Installation of Collision Frequency Increased at Galleri SE together with A-K Westin. (Photo: Po Hagström)

Collosion Frequency Increased


The upcoming exhibition. More>>

Upcoming exhibition at Galleri SE

Finally I start exhibiting my own art again. March 2012 at Galleri SE is up, with text and images.

Readology is updated online

My work ”Readology” is updated online here>> (Image: Po Hagström)

1075_readology_minor updated

The website with my and A.K. Westins project Alla hjältar is updated. (Ilustration: Po Hagström)