Fakulteten takes a summer break

The project Fakulteten met today to show all new works and to wish each other a nice summer.

Lecture: Mina drömmar i min konst

Held a lecture at a Inuti project on dreams today. MORE LECTURES

Time in Studio Jämtland

Good work in cold Jämtland a few days.

Resonans at Telefonfabriken

Visiting Telefonfabriken today. We decide to show the exhibition Resonans there in November.

Nya flaggor -exhibition prolonged

Dieselverkstaden offered us to extend our exhibition "Nya flaggor" today.
You can see it until August. Welcome :-)


Opening for the flag-project in Dieselverkstaden today, by the participants och Fakulteten.
My art MORE / The exhibition LINK

Jennifer Forsberg in Botkyrka

Jennifer Forsberg visits Banslättsparken in Botkyrka today for a new public piece. Installation 2022.

Falkbergsskolan evolves

Falkbergsskolan, where Eva Hilds peice will be installed soon, grows.Permanent art installation within a year.

A new flag in Enskede

We have worked with flags in Fakulteten, and this weekend we display them where we live. Exhibition at Dieselverkstaden 3/6.
My flag "210313" is in my balcony in Enskede. MORE

Member of the Swedish journalist association

Today I became a member of the Swedish journalist association, as part of a new part of our project Fakulteten this fall.

Kulturrådet krisstöd Resonans

Kulturrådet has decided to support project Resonans with "krisstöd" so that we can run it during the corona.

Flag project Fakulteten

The flag project continues in project Fakulteten.

New public art in Botkyrka

New commission as art consultant in Botkyrka today. Inauguration fall 2022.

Time in Studio Jämtland

Studio time in Jämtland, marked with a flag designed by my children and made in Fakulteten.

New drawing

"Pappa förlorar synen" – a new drawing based on my diary notes on how the life of my father changed when he lost his sight. Part of my ongoing Pathos

Discover an old artist book

When we visit Botkyrka art hall today, I discovered my old piece A Concise History of the Universe in their archive.
Lunch on Mandana Moghaddams public art before the exhibition by Cecilia Germain.

Flagg workshop day

Fakulteten arranged a textile course where the participants made their ow flaggs.

Jennifer Forsberg to botkyrka

Artist Jennifer Forsberg has accepted a commission in Botkyrka.
Congratulations Botkyrka.

Annual meeting, Professor Apa

Professor Apa held its annual meeting today, reporting 2020 and planning for more art 2021.

Availibility archive

With the support from Kulturförvaltningen, I have begun to work on an online archive about culture and availability.
It will launch on the Professor Apa webpage during 2021.

Eva Hilds piece for Botkyrka

Eva Hilds work for Falkbergskolan in Botkyrka evolves, Super 8. Inauguration 2022!

Preparing annual meeting, Professor Apa

Preparing Professor Apas annual meeting next week, I realize the number of projects we run; Fakulteten, Resonans, Tillsammans, Överbryggning and a number of collaborations and projects that are coming up.

A lot of art in Botkyrka

Preparing a number of public art works in Botkyrka. Art is in the way!

The exhibition "Alla hjältar" ends

The exhibition Alla hjältar, in the project Fakulteten, ends today at Dieselverkstaden.

Public art in Örebro

A weekend in Örebro, watching all the public art / Open art

Lecture Nyckelviksskolan

Gave a lecture to Nyckelviksskolan on how to build projects based on democracy and availability.

Inspiration videos, Fakulteten

We proudly present inspiration videos från Fakulteten today. LINK

Opening Fakulteten

Fakultetens first exhibition had its opening (by zoom) today at Dieselverkstaden by me and Nadja Ekman.

Vaktaren part of the exhibition Alla hjältar

My workshop piece Vaktaren is part of the exhibition Alla hjältar. MORE

Building a new exhibition

Building the first physical Fakulteten-exhibition at Dieselverkstaden with Nadja Ekman.

Support from Stockholms kulturförvaltning

Stockholm stads kulturförvaltning has decided to support the work of Professor Apa 2021, so that we can evolve our commitments.

New project in Botkyrka

Banslättsparken in Botkyrka will be rebuilt 2021 - 2022. We begin the process for public art today.

Input in Gothenburg

A few great days in Gothenburg. Getting input from Utopia, Sätt färg på Göteborg and Labamba for my project Fakulteten.

Professor Apa in Jämtland

When the Professor Apa-bags are filled in Jämtland, it is with saws and axes. Late Christmas tree-arrangement.

Welcome 2021!