New public art for Dynamiten

Ylva Landoff Lindberg installs her public art for Dynamiten today.

One day - two projects

First meeting today in Haninge, regarding Berättelser i en väska, then at Annikas home regarding Kännbart.

First meeting: Konstgödning

First meeting for Konstgödning, in Östersund. Lots of energy!

Konstgödning press


Opening at Moderna

Full crowd!! :-)

Almost done at Moderna


ROSE installed

Monika Larsen Dennis ROSE for Järla skola was installed today. Part of the piece flying here.

Buildning at Moderna


New place for public art

  • Lotsen - new pre school and new art 2016

All work and no play -

- makes me a happy guy.
  • Kännbart is evolving already and we talk to interested institutions in Sweden even before we have the artists.
  • Berättelser i en väska is triggering the interest of several institutions in Stockholm.
  • Konstgödning in Jämtland, in which I am a part, has a new web page link>>


Today Arvsfonden chose to support our project Kännbart full out!
God damn, this will be three exciting years!
Lets go!

"De andra"

My suggestion for a collaborative project in Jämtland was accepted today. De andra (The others) is part of Konstgödning.

Folder has arrived

The folder I made for Berättelser i en väska is here.

Studio with Malin, Sam and Hugo

Talking about the goblins and spirits in Jämtland, hoping for an upcoming project. Malin Nord, Sam and Hugo.

Visiting Makraoni

Thanks Malou, Nadja and Mattias for sharing Makaroni with me and Max today. Love at first sight.

Presentation x2

Arijana Kajfes and Linda Shamma presented their suggestions for public art in Botkyrka tonight. The art council approved of both ideas, which will be inaugurated in spring. (Image: detail of Arijanas suggestion.)

The piece for Vreta takes form

The public piece for Vreta pre school, by Linda Shamma, is taking form. Today: Carina, Hugo and I portray animals on location.

Full day in Örebro

Full day in i Örebro, talking about our upcoming project Kännbart. Thanks Annika, Janne and Mikael. Fingers crossed for fundings.

Opening ÄGD in Huddinge

Opening of ÄGD at Fullersta gård in Huddinge today. I participated with the piece "Fritt fall".

Release for the TA PLATS!-book

Order it here: Konstfrämjandet, Niklas Östholm: 073-510 32 69 /
Or download it here>> eh, but please don't. The book looks great, order the real deal! Its free!

Inauguration Anna Svensson

Inauguration today for Anna Svenssons piece Kurragömma at Isis preschool. more>>

KC Öst meeting in Uppsala

KC Öst had a meeting in Uppsala today. Guided tour on public art, meeting, dinner and (as usual) Hugo in focus.

Release for the TA PLATS! book

The release day for the book about TA PLATS! is official. Welcome!

Monika Larsen Dennis to Nacka

The large sculpture for Järla school is under production. Each dove a full size bench for the kids to sit on.

The book about TA PLATS! is here


Kfr - annual report

As usual fun to open Konstfrämjandets annual report - as my / Kfr Sthlm's projects represent almost 50% of the images ;-)

Completed editing pictures

Finished editing 128 images för Åsa Elieson today.

Analysis for Nacka strand

Delivered my first analysis for public art in future Nacka strand.

Work hard, sleep hard

First a looong excursion to learn more about artificial grass. Then well earned sleep in the studio.

To a new project in Nacka


All books are one book

My work on writing one single book, from all the books I have read, continues. One sentence from each book, in chronological order. Todays work:
Skärmavbild 2014-07-07 kl. 10.45.11

Meeting with Linda Shamma

A good place to work: meeting with Linda Shamma about her public work in Botkyrka.

Planning exhibition at Moderna

Meeting with Linda Bäckström and Hugo today. Discussing the possibilities for "Berättelser i en väska" at Moderna in December.

Trial and Error

Received two mail these days, regarding the Trial and Error work for Point of View:

"We're a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with valuable info to work on. You have done aan impressive job and our whole community will be thankful to you." To text Link>>

"Thank you for another informative blog. Where else could I am getting that kind of information written in such a perfect way? I've a challenge that I'm just now running on, and I've been on the glance out for such information." To text Link>>

Analysis for Henriksdal

Handed in my analysis for the expanding Henriksdal today. Finally!

Primordial Soup

This digital print, made for 1075 and counting 2007, has been called for today. "Do you have more art of that kind?" I don't know but will start thinking.

Monika Larsen Dennis in Nacka

Monika Larsen Dennis suggestion for a public art piece at Järla skola was admitted today. Inauguration this fall.

KC öst board

KC Öst members of the board has the last meeting before the summer.

Ylvas public art accepted

Ylva Landoff Lindbergs suggestion for an outdoor art piece at Dynamiten, was accepted by Botkyrkas art council today.

More public art with Hugo

Today at Järla school in Nacka, with a presentation by Monika Larsen Dennis.

Hugo working

Second son at work. First meeting at Violen in Botkyrka with head of the pre school Susanne and with artist Arijana Kajfes. Then studio time.

ÖP article about grant

From ÖP link>>

Berättelser i en väska

From left to right: Max, Martin, Linda and Anna. I am contracted to conceptualize their (not Max) project "Berättelser i en väska" for a public tour.

Grant in Jämtland

Getting the Karin Engelfeldt grant in Jämtland, and giving mini lecture. With Max as usual. (Photo: Eva Herdin)

Analysis for Henriksdal

Hello Henriksdal. You will get 2 000 new apartments and I will analyze what kind of art you need where.

Redesigning the TA PLATS!-book

Here with Niklas Östholm from Konstfrämjandet, at WIP.

Mostly Mammal

Restarting the "Mostly Mammal" idea - here some sketches for the double-M logo

Two new artists to Botkyrka

Two artists were chosen in Botkyrka this rainy night: Linda Shamma Östrand, for Vreta pre school, and Arijana Kajfes for Violen pre school. Congratulations Botkyrka!

Before weekend

Different kinds of work these last days before weekend:
- Monika Larsen Dennis accepts a commission in Nacka.
- Riksutställningar are really engaged in the upcoming project Kännbart.
- All involved executives at Skansen are now welcoming the upcoming project MIX.
- Preparing for the next chapter for the KC Öst consultants.
- All suggested artists for two commissions in Botkyrka has accepted, decision 8/4.
- BankerWessel hands in a suggestion for the book about TA PLATS!
- Unna design gives us response for the Kännbart project.
Now - let the weekend begin with a feverish son.

Jämtland grant

Karin Engelfeldts minnesfond in Jämtland announced that I received their grant 2014. Not a lot of money but some glory April 27.

Berättelser i en väska

I have been asked to work with the touring part of the project "Berättelser i en väska" as it is soon heading out on the roads. Got some ideas right away. New meeting next week!

ÄGD continues

My piece Fritt fall aill keep traveling with ÄGD. Opening at Fullersta konsthall 13 Sept.

Årsmöte KC Öst.


Working on KÄNNBART

Studio time has been more fun...

3D-printer and -scanner

Visited Solidmakarna together with Riksutställningar (and Max) today. Research for 3D-printer and -scanner for the upcoming project Kännbart. This could bee so cool.

Botkyrka today

Vreta pre school chose which artists they want to work with. Violen pre school chose what kind of art they want. And the snow came again.

Concept for public art

Today we decided the what-where-when regarding art for Järla skola. In two weeks, we choose the artist.
(Also had a really exciting meeting with Klara and Katarina regarding Plania)

URL statistics

Checked out the statistics for web pages today.
Number of visits last year: - 27 232 - 53 288
I win ;-)

Workday at Skansen

Workday at Skansen today, regarding our possible future project. (With my usual parter in crime, Max.)

The book TA PLATS! takes shape


Late work with the book about TA PLATS!


Finishing seminar TA PLATS!

Finishing seminar for TA PLATS! – here Caina Ostenfeldt.

The TA PLATS! seminar is public


TA PLATS! book is growing


Futurado starting

First meeting for Futurado at Candyland. Great energy!

Working on the TA PLATS!-book

A mind map of the programs on Kulturhuset in Stockholm 2010.

Botkyrka: Vreta and Violen

Two meetings in Botkyrka today: Public art for Vreta pre school and for Violen pre school. Exciting points of departure in both projects, artists will be chosen this winter.

Analysis for Plania

Plania in Nacka will grow in a couple of years. I begin the analysis for public art.

Different kinds of work

1. Pushing the stroller to kindergarden through the snow.
2. Gym-time for the first time in three years.
3. Calling schools about their public art.
4. Reading 62 pages about a housing area that doesn't exist yet.
5. Pushing the stroller again.

Three new projects in Nacka

One BIG and two small.

Working on deaf-blind project

I have been invited to work with an upcoming project for the deaf and blind. Got some really exciting input and concept ideas today after some good conversations.

Concept for TA PLATS! seminar

The general outlines of the TA PLATS! seminar seem to be fixed:

Magnus Bärtås, professor contemporary art: The possible effects of art in society today.
Po Hagström, curator TA PLATS!: Introduction and the concept of TA PLATS!
Katti Hofflin, director of Dunkers kulturhus: About unnecessary problems.
Carina Ostenfeldt, curator: Possibilities with availability
Finn Petrén, design för alla: An analysis of availability from a global perspective
Lisa Torell, artist: Reflections after participating in TA PLATS!, art and society

More press for Älta

An article about the finished work by Åsa Elieson for Älta kulturknut. Somewhat annoying but ok. more>> (Scroll down)

TA PLATS! as a book

Working with the soon-to-be book about TA PLATS! Thank God for all the professionals involved, I hardly remember what way is up...

Inauguration in Älta

Finally Åsa Eliesons piece Vi, de levande (We, the living) is inaugurated at Älta kulturknut. More>>

Two good touchdowns

First today: Great meeting with Musik- och Teatermuseet, regarding the future project at Skansen.
Then made a video interview with Åsa Elieson at WIP, for the opening at Älta kulturknut tomorrow.


Finally back to work….