TA PLATS! lecture at Jamtli

What kind of an idiot travels by train in Sweden in the winter, if (s)he has an appointment?
I did. And naturally missed my own lecture at Jamtli regarding TA PLATS!
Thank you Geska at Performing Pictures, who did my part plus your own, together with Jacob Dahlgren.

Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans inauguration


Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans inauguration at Höglundaskolan in Haninge.
Thank you again, Lisa and Rolf, for a great collaboration, this time with me as an art consultant.

Walk Talk Pizza


At Pizzeria Stora vikingen, Mariatorget, Stockholm
Event with The New Beauty Council and R a k e t a as part of Power Landscapes.

Inauguration Lina Persson


Inauguration för Lina Perssons work at Sickla skola, Nacka.
Honored to have been the art consultant for this.

Kfr Sthlm prepare for 2013

The last meeting 2012 was focused upon next year.
2013 - lets meet soon!

Kulturlyftet #6

The sixth part of my course at Kulturlyftet, at Moderna museet today:
09-13:00 Maria Taube holds workshop for the participants.

Ok, we were only supposed to work until 12:00, but you know.
And with all the questions and discussions afterwards I guess we were finished around 13:30?
Not so tough when the time is used for interested people. Thank you all participants!!!

Release Power Landscapes catalogue

The first release of the Power Landscape catalogue in Stockholm.
Layout: Fredrik Andersson (Pangea); collaboration Stockholm university and Botkyrka konsthall; Artists Katja Aglert, Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans, The New Beauty Council, Antonio Scarponi, Julia Adzuki and Kultivator. Financed by Stockholm stad.

Moderator for artist talk at Studio 44


Moderator for an artist talk at Studio 44. Here next to Elias Björn from Cirkulationscentralen, in front of art by Penka Mincheva. Why didn’t anybody tell me my hair was formed by my winter hat? (Photo: Lotte Väima-Nilsson)

Green project with Malin Lobell developes

After a very good meeting with Stockholm Business Region Development the green project with Malin Lobell got a new injection. 2013 - here we come.

ÄGD gathering


The participants from ÄGD meet at La Casa for the last time 2012. Thank you Anna-Stina and Christina. (Photo: Po Hagström)

Kulturlyftet #5

The fifth part of my course at Kulturlyftet, at Nationalmuseum, today:
10:00 - 10:45 Jeanette Ragner fram Nationalmuseum introduces and show her work for the deafblind.
10:45 - 11:15
Lecture by Karin Westling at Kulturrådet
11:15 - 12:00 Lecture by Liitta-Leena Karlsson from Stockholm stad

Lecture by Susanne Berg from Independent Living Institute canceled due to illness.

TA PLATS! to Uppsala?

A great meeting with Ateljé Konstnära in Uppsala today. It would be perfect if they run the last TA PLATS! project in November 2013!

"Kan växter bli politiska?"


"Hur kan vi återta politiken i den 'gröna ekonomin'?"


As a part of ”Power Landscapes / Planet Blue”, Linda Soneryd arranged the open semiar at ABF in Stockholm tonight.
Adrienne Sörbom from Södertörn, Samuel Jarrick from Klimataktion and Per Gahrton from Cogito participated. (Photo:Po Hagström)

ÄGD presentation at Länsmuseet

As a part of ÄGD I delivered my idea of culture and local history today at Länsmuseet. Länsmuseet will work with this theme 2016 and it sounds really exciting.

Art for Kvarnholmen

2 500 new homes are being built at Kvarnholmen, Nacka. I am to suggest an art program. Visited the place today - wow...

Pasted Graphic

Meeting with Raketa and NBC

In December the Planet Blue project will result in a public event in Stockholm, together with Raketa and The New Beauty Council.
Tonights meeting made a few things clearer, and opened up a lot of possibilities.
Looking forward to this.

Analysis for Nobelberget

My analysis for art in the future building area Nobelberget is completed. It will be interesting to see how the area developes these coming years.

Mentor program begins

I begin working as a mentor in UMM (Unga möter mentorer), a project that will last Nov - Dec.

Installation at Vilans pre school

Olle Magnusson installes his piece Krumbukten at Vilans förskola in Nacka. Poor Olle has had three art consultants since his project started, but now the piece is where it should be and there will be an inauguration later in November.

Artist talk at ÄGD


On the last day of ÄGD at Lerkrogen I held an open artist talk. I also held a sad son in my arms, but nobody seemed to mind. (Photo: Mari Kretz)

TA PLATS! opens at Jamtli


Read more at ÖstersundsPosten

TA PLATS! installation at Jamtli

TA PLATS! is installed at Jamtli, Östersund, starting today.

Planet Blue to phase 3

Planet Blue is being dismantled at Botkyrka konsthall today, in order to travel as a project into Stockholm again.

KC Öst at Supermarket 2013

KC Öst will be a part of Super Market 2013.

ÄGD opening


Opening ÄGD at Lerkrogen, Stockholm. (Photo:Po Hagström)
I participate with the image- and text piece ”I ravinen” (In the Ravine) more>>

Kulturlyftet #4

The fourth part of my course at Kulturlyftet, at Musik/Teatermuseet, today:
12:00 - 13:00 Guided tour
13:00 - 13:30
Lecture by Hans Petrén at Musik/Teatermuseet
13:30 - 14:00 Lecture by Janny Åhsberger from Stockholms fritidsutvecklare
14:00 - 14:30 Lecture by Jesper Tottie from FUB
14:30 - 15:00 Discussions

Inauguration Tattby preschool


Inauguration today for ”Djuret” by Amalia Årfelt at Tattby pre school in Nacka. Two other animals are introduced by Amalia at this new pre school in this project and we are all happy about it!

Individual responibility for consumer power

Discussion: The responsibility and the basis of the individual, regarding consumer power

Samtal i samband med utställningen Den blå planeten- en grön utställning i Botkyrka konsthall. På olika sätt förväntas vi som enskilda individer och konsumenter ta ansvar för komplexa miljöfrågor som klimatförändring.
Magnus Boström, sociolog, Södertörns högskola, har bland annat forskat om grön konsumtion och miljömärkning samt Ylva Uggla, sociolog, Örebro universitet, som forskat om miljövänliga livsstilar, diskuterar dessa frågor med konstnären Julia Adzuki som genom SymbioLab väcker frågor kring miljö och livsstil. Samtalsledare: Linda Soneryd.

Kulturlyftet #3

The third part of my course at Kulturlyftet, at Stockholms stadsmuseum, today:
09:00-10:00 Guided tour and lecture on Stadsmuseum from a erspective on availability by Hans Öjmyr.
10:00-10:30 Magnus Johansson, Jan Huss and Jörgen Petersen from Iris gives lecture on audioguides, methods, gadgets and ways to help everybody, with a focus on sight disabled people.
10:30-11:30 Stefan Johansson from Riksutställningar gives lecture on technical possibilities for exhibitions.
11:30-12:00 Staffan Gerlöw from On Spot Story gives lecture on audio guides for smart phones.
12:00 - The participants can try On Spot Storys audio guides outside the museum, regarding ”Nya Slussen”.
The end for today, and I will never again neglect to order coffee for everyone.

NU-institutet to China: Preparations

Unfortunately I will not be abel to go to China with NU-institutet next week, BUT I am happy that the project has been fully funded as of today.

Kulturlyftet #2

The second part of my course at Kulturlyftet, at Medis5, today:
09:00-10:00 Guided tour at Medis5.
10:00-10:30 Theatre Medis5.
10:30-11:00 Medis5 inform us about their methods.
11:00-12:00 Carina Ostenfelt holds a lecture on Alla ombord.
12:00-13:00 Michael Brolund from Allmänna arvsfonden about their projects and how to apply for money.
14:00-15:00 Malin Berndt at Stockholm stad about information for disabeled children and youths
15:00-15:30 Maria O’donnell from Skriva lättläst on information
15:30-16:00 Medis5 about a ”easy reading book”, based upon Medis5.

Meeting at Jamtli regarding TA PLATS!

A very good meeting today regarding the upcoming TA PLATS!-exhibition at Jamtli in Östersund.

Fittja Open opening

Opening today, Fittja open, part of Planet Blue / Power Landscapes. (Photo:Symbiolab)

A text for Maria Boij


Strange how some kinds of work affect you. Writing a short text for Maria Boijs upcoming exhibition 6 October was one of the most rewarding things I have done in a long time. more>>

Catalogue for Power Landscapes

The catalogue for Power Landscapes / Planet Blue is ready. Layout by Fredrik Andersson at FamiljenPangea. My text is here>>

Workshop The New Beauty Council and Tillväxt


As part of Planet Blue, The New Beauty Council and Tillväxt had a workshop today, on how to organize a forest garden. (Photo:Thérèse Kristiansson)

Backa Carin Ivarsdotter installes piece at Kristallen


Backa Carin Ivarsdotter has installed her public piece Illusion at Kristallen pre school.
My introducing text for inauguration More>>
(Photo:Manne Eriksson)

Lina Perssons suggestion is approved


Lina Perssons suggestion for a dining room at Sickla school was approved today. It is a beautiful idea, based upon our different expectations of how the future might be. (Photo:Po Hagström)

Kulturlyftet #1


The first part of Kulturlyftet today at Händelseriket. (Photo:Po Hagström)
09:00 - 10:00 Guided tour through Händelseriket.
10:00 - 10:30 Lecture by Karin Palmqvist at Händelseriket.
10:30 - 11:00 Lecture by Po Hagström about Konst med alla sinnen at Händelseriket.
11:00 - 11:30 Discussions.

Julia Adzuki get a commission in Haninge

We have long planned for public art at the Torvalla swimming pool in Haninge. Today Julia Adzuki was offered the commission and accepted. Great fun!

Kulturlyftets program

My program for Kulturlyftet is more or less:

11 SeptHow can you reach everybody?” at Händelseriket (guided tour and lectures)
28 SeptTo work with disabled people, not for” and ”Information” at Medis5 (guided tour, theatre and lectures)
10 OctTechnical solutions” at Stadsmuseet (guided tour and lectures)
16 OctIdeology” at Music and Theatre Museum (guided tour and lectures)
23 NovInstitutions and Law” at Nationalmuseum (guided tour, lectures and debate)
6 and 8 DecTo tear down invisible walls” at Moderna (workshops)

Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans work grows

The work of Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans at Planet Blue expands. In addition to their ”Insiktstorn” (Insight Tower), there is now a 14 min video. Amazing work, and it is partly based on research from the NESS conference 2011.

Fittja Open is planned

The program for Fittja Open – part of Planet Blue – takes shape. I will primarily work with events connected to Planet Blue, such as the development of the exhibition, lectures, the catalogue etc.

My program at Kulturlyftet is public


My educational program about culture and availability has gone public at Kulturlyftets web page. link>>
Read an interview with me and Malin Berndt here: link>> (Photo:Mattias Vepsä )

Meeting at Dunkers


The second meeting at Dunkers regarding the installation of TA PLATS! 2013. (Photo:Po Hagström)

TA PLATS! opens in Luleå


TA PLATS! is installed in Luleå


Johanna and Jim Sims, from Sims Art+Sounds install the TA PLATS! exhibition at Kulturens hus in Luleå. (Photo:Johanna Byström Sims)

The artists of ÄGD gathers


The first meeting with the artists in ÄGD. Super-cool crowd in an old strange environment... (Photo:Po Hagström)

The spider has arrived


The sculpture by Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans that are supposed to hang over the entrance at the newly built school Höglundaskolan in Haninge has now been installed at the art hall. (Photo: Lisa Jeannin)

Raketa has a GO

Raketas suggestion for a public art project in Haninge has been formally approved.
Their project with the personnel and children at Tallen kindergarden will run from fall 2012 untill spring 2013.

More part of ÄGD

I have been offered a producing part in the project ÄGD. Looking forward to this (im?)possible revitalization of Swedish national historical movement.

Public art with Lina Persson

After a meeting today all agreed that Lina Persson will suggest a public art piece for the dining room at Sickla skola, Nacka.

Think tank Umeå 2014


Participated in a two day think tank regarding Umeå 2014, organized by Riksutställningar at Moderna museet. Riksutställningar really managed to bring together a dream team this time! (Photo: Po Hagström)

Konstfrämjandet Sthlm meet Stockholms Länsmuseum

A very good meeting regarding a collaboration between Konstfrämjandet Stockholms län and Stockholms Länsmuseum, regarding a larger project about public art.

KC Öst has a visionary meeting

Since most of us in the board are new, we had a meeting oday regarding what we want to do with KC Öst. It was a great meeting since the members of the board are so cool and hungry for new ways to work. It feels as i this could lead to sometihng good.

A trip to Lisa and Rolf


A studio visit with Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans to see how their progress for Höglundaskolan, haninge. The visit was cut short because of my acute tooth ache but the important part was there – the great spider! (Photo: Po Hagström)

Part of ÄGD

I will participate with an art piece at ÄGD in Älvsjö, October 2012.

Amalia Årfelt project presentation


Amalia Årfelt presents her idea for public art at the new pre school in Tattby, Nacka. The work group accepted it as we spoke. (Photo: Po Hagström)

Organic skatepark is funded

The organic skatepark planned for Årsta recive fundings from Kulturförvaltningen.

Workshop discussing Haninge centrum


Before we begin the public art project for Poseidons gränd, we gather information about Haninge centrum, from people who have lived here for some time. (Photo: Po Hagström)

Opening Planet Blue

Urban farming, eco architecture, food performances and green activism. In the shadow of ongoing climate change the exhibition Planet blue examines how we live, eat, consume and build our communities in the most unexpected ways and places. We have invited artists, architects, designers and environmentalists to test and present their ideas to a greater public. Botkyrka’s allotment gardens, social scientists, and students – they all come together and collaborate in an exhibition that runs from May to October. Together we cultivate and harvest, discuss and dream our way into a shared future in Botkyrka.

Artists: Julia Adzuki, Katja Aglert, Parasto Backman, Lisa Jeannin och Rolf Schuurmans, Kultivator, The New Beauty Council och Tillväxt, Open Restaurant, Marjetica Potrc och Konsthögskolan i Hamburg (HFBK) och Kungl Konsthögskolan i Stockholm, Antonio Scarponi, SymbioLab, and more.

Curators: Po Hagström, Katrin Behdjou Söderlund, Joanna Sandell


Cultivate! Planet Blue / Harvest! Fittja Open 2012
(Performance by Lisa Jeannin, Rolf Schuurmans. Foto: Po Hagström)

Fokrörelsernas konstfrämjande annual meeting

Fokrörelsernas konstfrämjande has its annual meeting at Mångkulturellt centrum in Fittja.

Den blå planeten – en grön utställning


Planet Blue, based on the project Power Landscapes, enters its final phase before opening at Botkyrka art hall May 12. Top image: Julia Adzuki plans one of his pieces. Bottom: parts of Antonio Scarponi pieces.

TA PLATS! opens in Sandviken


TA PLATS! opens in Sandviken. Here TV is interviewing Gahar Alijan who participates in her home town. Beside her stands Johanna Björkqvist from Sinnesriket who has initiaded the project in Sandviken together with Eva Persson.

Botkyrka art hall building

Today we begin the building of ”Planet Blue” at Botkyrka art hall. inauguration May 12.

Moderator at Studio 44


Moderator for an artist talk with the participants at Total Recall at Studio 44.

TA PLATS! is beeing built in Sandviken


TA PLATS! is installed in Sandviken. Here is Jacob Dahgrens piece ”The Wonderful World of Abstraction”. (Photo: Johanna Byström Sims)

New assignment: Board member at KC Öst

I am now member of the board at KC Öst.

Julia Adzuki joins us in Botkyrka


Julia Adzuki will be part of the project ”formerly known as Power Landscapes” in Botkyrka art hall. She will be involved in several parts of the project but primarily with her piece ”The Two Graces”. (Photo: Julia Adzuki)

Reviews Collision Frequency Increased

Got two reviews mailed to me today from Galleri SE. More>>

Forest garden accepted at Stockholm university!

When the Power Landscapes project began, combined with the NESS conference, at the Stockholm University a year ago, the New Beauty Council and Tillväxt made a proposal: Lets install a forest garden at the campus, which allows students to meet and eat together.
This is now a reality!
As far as I know, Stockholm University will have Stockholms first real forest garden!

Responsible for the KRO education on availability

KRO has a great focus on educations for artists and I am responsible for the courses and lectures on availability that will run this fall.

New projects in Nacka

I am responsible for three ongoing projects in Nacka, as an art consultant: Ryssvikens preschool, Kristallens preschool and Vilans preschool.

Opening Collision Frequency Increased


Collision Frequency Increased opening at Galleri SE. (Photo: A-K Westin)



Installation of Collision Frequency Increased at Galleri SE together with A-K Westin. (Photo: Po Hagström)

Amalia Årfelt commission in nacka

Amalia Årfelt gets a commission to create site specific art for the new pre school in Tattby, Nacka, Stockholm.

Collosion Frequency Increased


The upcoming exhibition. More>>

Art for the Da Vinci school

A new project begins in Nacka, at the Da Vinci school.

Raketa gets a comission in Haninge

A new art project in Haninge begins at Tallen pre school, and Raketa got the comission.

Meeting at Supermarket


The not so smart - that is me - have meetings at Supermarket at the opening. But we still managed to have a good discussion, Annelie Wallin, Malin Lobell and I. (Photo: Po Hagström)

Meeting with Stockholms länsmuseum

I had a good first meeting with Annelie Kurttila at Stockholms länsmuseum. Discussions about possible collaborations and seminar programs.

New assignement: Curator for Fittja Open 2012

Skärmavbild 2012-02-15 kl. 21.52.51

I will curate Fittja Open together with Joanna Sandell and Katrin Behdjou. I have allways loved the art program in Botkyrka, and it is exciting to combine this with the exhibition Planet Blue. Opening September 2012.

TA PLATS! opens in Ludvika



Art for new housings at Nobel-berget


We begin the planning for a new area of buildings in Nacka, Nobel-berget. Link>>

Power Landscapes to Botkyrka art hall

It is now clear that Power Landscapes opens at Botkyrka art hall this spring, one of the most exciting art contexts in Sweden. It opens in the middle of May and run during this summer.

Sickla school

Meeting at Sickla school, regarding art for their dining room.

Organic Skatepark


We begin the work with an Organic Skatepark for Årsta.

Kfr Sthlm starts 2012


Konstfrämjandet Stockholm has its first meeting 2012. In the picture: Artist and art consultant Ola Nilsson, artist and project manager Geska Helena Brečević and business developer at Unga klara, Eva månsson. Artist Emma-Lina Ericson turned up later. I am the chairman.
Discussions on projects in public space was dominant, as well as discussions on touring exhibitions. (Photo: Po Hagström)

Prolonged support for TA PLATS!

Allmänna arvsfonden has prolonged its financial support for TA PLATS!, which will now be possible to fulfill until 2013.

Art for a new kindergarden in Tattby

First meeting with the work group for the new christian kindergarden in Tattby. We plan the outdoor art. Inauguration summer 2012. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Art consultant in Nacka

I have begun to work as an art consultant in Nacka kommun, Stockholm.
First out are six new projects, of which four will be inaugurated this summer.
This feels somewhat like coming home. I had my first solo exhibition in Nacka, 1075 and counting, and TA PLATS! is presently showing in Nacka as well. And I will have Ola Nilsson as a colleague again which is always great.
2012 – here I come.