NBC and Tillväxt continues at Stockholm University

The New Beauty Council and Tillväxt continues their project on how to arrange a forest garden at Stockholm campus.

NU-institutet travels to China 2012

NU-institutet, where I am member of the board, has received fundings for a collaboration with artists in China. We will ravel there October 2012. Link>>

The Visitors stay at Konstfrämjandet into 2012

Lisa Jeannins and Rolf Schuurmans public exhibition in Konstfrämjandets window in Stockholm is prolonged to last 12 months.

Opponent at Konstfack

I was an opponent in the examination of Martha Johanssons KU-project ”immaterial materials and visual constructions” at Konstfack. Marthas project-log i here link>> (Photo: Po Hagström)


Upcoming exhibition at Galleri SE

Finally I start exhibiting my own art again. March 2012 at Galleri SE is up, with text and images.

TA PLATS! meetings

Great meetings today with TA PLATS!-partners from Sandviken and Luleå at Länsmuseet in Nacka, regarding their upcoming shows.

Höglundaskolan is growing

Höglundaskolan in Haninge is growing. Here visiting the building site with Åsa Mårtensson, curator at Haninge art hall, and Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans. Lisa and Rolf are working on the art for the school. (Photo: Po Hagström)


New project in Haninge

Apartment buildings are being built in the center of Haninge center, and a new art piece will mark the spot.


Arranging an education day with Riksutställningar

TA PLATS! first education day regarding accessibility in exhibitions. It was planned together with Riksutställningar and run at Länsmuseet together with Konstfrämjandet and it was a full house - 40 participants. Read Louise Anderssons twitter: lucyoffcourse #taplats

Från 08:30 Fika ankomst
09:15 START Peter Bratt, Sthlm länsmuseum, Stefan Johansson, Riksutställningar, Per Hasselberg, Konstfrämjandet
Po Hagström inleder om TA PLATS
Grp 1 Kollar utställningen TA PLATS med Po
Grp 2 Om multitouchteknik med Telac AB,

11:00- 11:30 Lunch och paus

12:00- 12:30 Jeanette Ragner, Nationalmuseum                 
12:30- 13:00 Susanne Berg- Independent Living
13:00- 13:30 Staffan Gerlöw- On spot story
13:30- 14:00 Magnus Johansson- Iris Intermedia
14:00- 14:30 Fika
14:30- 15:30 Stefan Johansson, Oscar Engberg - Utställningsteknik, Mobilguider via WiFi, RFID teknik, belysning, exempel från utställningar
15:30- 16:00 Sammanfattning, samtal, Kursutvärdering, Avslut


Collaboration with Raketa?

Meeting with Åsa at Raketa regarding a possible collaboration in the Power Landscapes project. I really like Raketa, I do hope we can work together soon.

Meeting at Dunkers kulturhus

Meeting with Dunkers kulturhus today, regarding the TA PLATS!-project. Exciting to finally see this place after reading about it for so may years. And it was great fun seeing Katti Hofflin again, after the collaboration at Rum för barn.

TA PLATS! inauguration in Nacka

TA PLATS! opens at Stockholms länsmuseum in Nacka. (Photo: Janna Holmstedt)


Blog for Konstfrämjandet

I blog for Konstfrämjandet week 41 and 42 (five texts) link>> or more>>


TA PLATS! combined with Sandviken 150 years

Three meetings today in Sandviken regarding TA PLATS! wich will be part of their 150 years anniversary 2012. It will be a lot of fun, they have a thousands ideas and all are exciting.

Lecture at Royal Art Academy

Held a lecture at the Royal Art Academy regarding ”Kartläggning av konstscenen som överlevnadsstrategi”.

Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans workshop

Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Shuurmans involve children at Lundaskolan in three workshops. The material will be included in the public art piece for Höglundaskolan, the new school in Jordbro. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Jeannin and Schuurmans suggestion for public art

Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans present their suggestion for public art, for a new school in Jordbro, Haninge. (Photo: Lisa Jeannin)


Pressvisning i Karlskrona

TA PLATS! as a touring exhibition begins at Karlskrona art hall. I went to the press show yesterday and was very happy when I saw how well the pieces worked together. Karlskrona art hall has done a great job and their webpage show it: www.karlskrona.se/taplats


Public art for Tallen is planned

Tallen is a kindergarden using the Emilia Reggio pedagogy, basically allowing the children to formulate their environment using their creativity. We now add an artist, with the purpose of channeling the childrens creativity into a project, resultning in a public art piece that they can use. The personnel at Tallen made their first list of what they want out of the project at todays meeting.


TA PLATS! web page updated

I have updated and reorganized the TA PLATS! web page, which is now ready to run during the upcoming exhibition tour.

Accessibility manual out.

The ”manual for accessibility” is finally written (by me) and layouted (by me) and printed. Puh. It is the first outlines for how a basic manual could help art producers making their programs availabel for people with disabilities. It will now spread through out the TA PLATS!-network and will get smarter and better throughout the time the exhibition runs and test the manual. (Image: Po Hagström)


Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Shuurmans photography

Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans work with photography for part of their art piece in a school that is being built in Jordbro, Haninge. Inauguration 2012. (Photo: Rolf Schuurmans)


Readology is updated online

My work ”Readology” is updated online here>> (Image: Po Hagström)


Kräppladammen grows

The forestgarden by the pond Kräppladammen in Rågsved has grown with many of the plants that were used at ”Forest Food For Thoughts”. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Power Landscapes #1 ends

Today the conference ends, and the starting point of the art project Power Landscapes was closed. I packed everything and the biggest problem was – what to do with the fish from Scaropni’s Malthus? Too small to eat, too alive to kill. Eventually they got a VIP ride to an aquarium, all by themselves. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Forest Food For Thought

The New Beauty Councils picnic event ”Forest Food For Thought” together with Tillväxt provides the conference participants with food, lectures and possibility to add their knowledge to the project.
Tillväxt tells NESS participants about the forest garden. (Photo: Janna Holmstedt)


Inauguration Day

The 2011 NESS conference with 225 internationall social scientists gather at the Stockholm University to discuss environmental and climate changes. The art project Power Landscapes begins at the same time. ”Malthus” by Antonio Scarponi and ”From The Top Of A Steep Hill” by Katja Aglert are installed on the entrance floor. (Photo: Ulf Lundin)


The New Beauty Council has infiltrated the NESS conference with information, texts and a floor sketch of a forest garden at the Aula Magna gallery. (Photo: Janna Holmstedt)


Installation Power Landscapes

Location: Aula Magna, Stockholm University In the background: Malthus by Antonio Scarponi In the front: Artist Ola Nilsson who built Malthus, Thérèse Kristiansson from NBC and artist Ulf Lundin who is documenting Katja Aglerts video piece. (Photo: Po Hagström)


www.PowerLandscapes.info released

The web page www.powerlandscapes.info is resleased.

Visiting Tillväxt at Kräppladammen

The area around Kräppladammen in Rågsved, Stockholm, is prepared for the plants that we use for Power Landscapes when the art project is done.


Malthus is alive

Malthus by Antonio Scarponi has been built in Stockholm by artist Ola Nilsson. Ready for transport to Power Landscapes June 13. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Tallen project begins with work group meeting

Today we met outlining the art project at pre-school Tallen in Haninge, where children will formulate their own outdoor environment.
Tallen pre-school

Opening "Juvelerna i Jordbro" exhibition

The exhibition Juvelerna i Jordbro opens.
It is installed by me and connected to the public piece by the same name.
My text >>

Siluette_vagnen 16

Installation of "Juvlerna i Jordbro" exhibition begins

The exhibition Juvelerna i Jordbro installed by me and connected to the public piece by the same name. (Photo: Po Hagström)
Official link>>


NBC and Tillväxt open meeting at Stockholm university

Annika Enqvist from The New Beauty Council and Tillväxt arrange an open meeting at the Stockholm university during Earth Week. The purpose is to introduce the forest garden idea for Akademiska hus and interested students - all part of Power Landscapes. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Upbeat Torvalla simhall

Meeting with the Torvalla simhall to further formulate the upcoming public art project.
Torvalla simhall

Art visit for people with multi disabilities

The first of three planned visits to cultural institutions was organized today. The visits were aimed at people with multiple disabilities, and the today they went to Audiorama.
A collaboration between Kfr Sthlm, Fritidsutvecklarna and Händelseriket.

Katja Aglert installation sketch

Katja Aglert has decided upon a technique to present her new video piece ”From The Top Of A Steep Hill” for Power Landscapes. (Illustration: Oskar Aglert)


Food For Thought collaborative text

NBC started their collaborative growing text today, where participants add their text to others regarding forest garden, sustainability, public space, etc. Part of my project Power Landscapes and my text can be read here>>

Inauguration "Juvelerna i Jordbro"

Inauguration of the piece Juvelerna i Jordbro by parkleken i Jordbro, the project I have been consultant for. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Formas fundings

The Swedish Research Council Formas has decided to finance part of Power Landscapes.

Installation "Juvelerna i Jordbro"

The art piece Juvelerna i Jordbro is installed by Jordbro parklek.
I have worked as an art consultant with artists
Mette Björnberg and Richard Johansson. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Länsmuseet i Nacka och TA PLATS!

Meeting with Länsmuseet in Nacka because of their work with TA PLATS! this fall.

Meeting Riksutställningar

Meeting with Louse Andersson and Stefan Johansson from Riksutställningar to discuss a joint course in exhibition techniques, under the umbrella of TA PLATS!.

Innovativ kultur fundings

Innovativ kultur has decided to finance part of Power Landscapes. www.innovativkultur.se

"The Visitors" by Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans at Konstfrämjandet

Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans video The Visitors were installed at Konstfrämjandet in Stockholm. (Photo: Po Hagström)


Visit Mette Björnberg and Richard Johansson

A two day trip together with Elisabeth Åström and Åsa Mårtensson to Mette Björnberg and Richard Johansson. Preparation for their public piece Juvelerna i Jordbro, and their exhibition. (Photo (from Jet-Flex): Po Hagström)


Visiting Sandviken

I visit Sandviken to discuss their possibilities to show TA PLATS! in 2012. Very exciting, everything seems possible in awkward ways here.

"Mitt i planeten" at Rum för barn ends

After six months, the project Mitt i Planeten at Rum för barn, Kulturhuset, ends. Video art by three artists were ehibited for children of the age of 0 - 4 years: No Home Like Space by Lisa Jeannin, Track 4 by Andreas Korsár and Belleville by Pascale Guillon.
The project was run as an extension of TA PLATS! by Kfr Sthlm and Rum för barn, and was curated by Two Change.

Stockholm stad Kulturförvaltning fundings

The city of Stockholm has decided to partly finance Power Landscapes.

www.AllaHjaltar.se updated

The website www.allahjaltar.se with my and A.K. Westins project Alla hjältar is updated. (Ilustration: Po Hagström)