Discussions "hembygd"

Date: 2012 Nov 12
Location: Stockholms länsmuseum
Arranger: Stockholms länsmuseum
Participants: Preparation talks, hembygd

Discussions between invited parts regarding the concept of "hembygd" before Stockholms länsmuseums upcoming exhibition.

Moderator: ÄGD


Date: 2012 Oct 28
Location: Hembygdsföreningen Lerkrogen
Arranger: ÄGD
Participants: Artists in project ÄGD, open to public
More: http://konst-och-hembygd.se

Moderator for this public artist talk.With Max in my arms, but nobody seemed to mind.

Seminar ÄGD


Date: 2013 March 20
Location: Studio 44
Arranger: ÄGD, ABF
Participants: Open seminar
More: http://konst-och-hembygd.se

I organized and moderated this seminar as a part of ÄGD.

18:00 - introduction by me as a moderator
18:05 -
Christina Göthesson who initiated ÄGD talked about the project.
18:15 - Annika Enqvist from The
New Beauty Council talks about how a city is formulated.
18:30 -
Rebecka Lettevall from Södertörns högskola on the term ”Hembygd”.
18:45 -
Dennis Dahlqvist talks about crafts and local identity
19:00 - Open discussion.
19:45 -
Kristoffer Svenberg from The New Beauty Council present the project Mallrats Stockholm.