DE FINNS, MEN DE SYNS INTE DIREKT (Urbs Animalia, stadens djur – stadens naturliga invånare)
Curator, Konst med alla sinnen, 2008
Artist: Lisa Torell

Lisa Torell chose to build an installation at the project Konst med alla sinnen at Rosnlund. A room within a room.
The narrative for this installation from 2003 is longer, an encouraging story about animals living in urban society.
It is a tale, a sound, no sound, some animals, some light, a trail, a bench, a button, rubbish, a nest, food for some one else, a room, in the room. They exist, but they dont really show.


The sound track for ”Urbs Animalis, stadens djur - stadens naturliga invånare” was produced in collaboration with Sveriges Radio 2003 after a script by Lisa Torell. Voice: Emil Holmer.


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